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Roxette - (Do You Get) Excited?

Roxette - (I Could Never) Give You Up

Roxette - 7Twenty7

Roxette - A Thing About You

Roxette - Almost Unreal

Roxette - Anyone

Roxette - Beautiful Things

Roxette - Breathe

Roxette - Bringing Me Down To My Knees

Roxette - Call Of The Wild

Roxette - Chances

Roxette - Church Of Your Heart

Roxette - Cinnamon Street

Roxette - Come Back (Before You Leave)

Roxette - Como la lluvia en el cristal (Watercolours In The Rain)

Roxette - Cooper

Roxette - Crash! Boom! Bang!

Roxette - Crush On You

Roxette - Cry

Roxette - Cuanto lo siento (I'm Sorry)

Roxette - Dance Away

Roxette - Dangerous

Roxette - Directamente a ti (Run To You)

Roxette - Do You Wanna Go The Whole Way?

Roxette - Dressed For Success

Roxette - El dia del amor (Perfect Day)

Roxette - Fading Like A Flower (Every Time You Leave)

Roxette - Fingertips

Roxette - Fireworks

Roxette - Fool

Roxette - From One Heart To Another

Roxette - Go To Sleep

Roxette - Goodbye To You

Roxette - Habla el corazon (Listen To Your Heart)

Roxette - Half A Woman, Half A Shadow

Roxette - Harleys & Indians (Riders In The Sky)

Roxette - Here Comes The Weekend

Roxette - Hotblooded

Roxette - How Do You Do!

Roxette - I Call Your Name

Roxette - I Love The Sound Of Crashing Guitars

Roxette - I Was So Lucky

Roxette - I'm Sorry

Roxette - It Hurts

Roxette - It Must Have Been Love

Roxette - It Takes You No Time To Get Here

Roxette - It Will Take A Long long Time

Roxette - Jefferson

Roxette - Joy Of A Toy

Roxette - Joyride

Roxette - June Afternoon

Roxette - Keep Me Waiting

Roxette - Knockin' On Every Door

Roxette - Lies

Roxette - Like Lovers Do

Roxette - Listen To Your Heart

Roxette - Little Girl

Roxette - Looking For Jane

Roxette - Love Is All (Shine Your Light On Me)

Roxette - Make My Head Go Pop

Roxette - Milk and Toast and Honey

Roxette - Milk And Toast And Honey.

Roxette - My World, My Love, My Life

Roxette - Never Is A Long Time

Roxette - Neverending Love

Roxette - No se si es amor (It Must Have Been Love)

Roxette - One Is Such A Lonely Number

Roxette - Opportunity Nox

Roxette - Paint

Roxette - Pay The Price

Roxette - Pearls Of Passion

Roxette - Perfect Day

Roxette - Physical Fascination

Roxette - Place Your Love

Roxette - Queen Of Rain

Roxette - Quiero ser como tu (I Don't Wanna Get Hurt)

Roxette - Real Sugar

Roxette - Real Sugar .

Roxette - Run To You

Roxette - Salvation

Roxette - Secrets That She Keeps

Roxette - Shadow Of A Doubt

Roxette - Silver Blue

Roxette - Sleeping In My Car

Roxette - Sleeping Single

Roxette - Small Talk

Roxette - So Far Away

Roxette - Soul Deep

Roxette - Soy una mujer (Fading Like A Flower)

Roxette - Spending My Time

Roxette - Staring At The Ground

Roxette - Stars

Roxette - Surrender

Roxette - The Big L.

Roxette - The Centre Of The Heart

Roxette - The First Girl On The Moon

Roxette - The Heart Shaped Sea

Roxette - The Look

Roxette - The Rain

Roxette - The Sweet Hello, The Sad Goodbye

Roxette - The Voice

Roxette - The Weight of the World

Roxette - Things Will Never Be The Same

Roxette - Timida (Vulnerable)

Roxette - Try (just a little bit harder)

Roxette - Turn To Me

Roxette - Un dia sin ti (Spending My Time)

Roxette - Una reina va detras de un rey (Queen of Rain)

Roxette - View From A Hill

Roxette - Voices

Roxette - Vulnerable

Roxette - Waiting For The Rain

Roxette - Watercolours In The Rain

Roxette - Wish I Could Fly

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