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Top Song Lyrics - some of the best lyrics available online




Rush - 2112

Rush - A Farewell to Kings

Rush - A Passage To Bangkok

Rush - Afterimage

Rush - Alien Shore

Rush - Anagram (for Mongo)

Rush - Animate

Rush - Anthem

Rush - Available Light

Rush - Bastille Day

Rush - Before And After

Rush - Beneath, Between, And Behind

Rush - Best I Can

Rush - Between Sun And Moon

Rush - Between the Wheels

Rush - Bravado

Rush - By-Tor And The Snow Dog

Rush - Carve Away The Stone

Rush - Ceiling Unlimited

Rush - Chain Lightning

Rush - Chemistry

Rush - Cinderella Man

Rush - Circumstances

Rush - Closer To The Heart

Rush - Cold Fire

Rush - Countdown

Rush - Cut To The Chase

Rush - Cygnus X-1 Book II: Hemispheres

Rush - Cygnus X-1, Book One: The Voyage

Rush - Different Strings

Rush - Digital Man

Rush - Distant Early Warning

Rush - Dog Years

Rush - Double Agent

Rush - Dreamline

Rush - Driven

Rush - Earthshine

Rush - Emotion Detector

Rush - Entre Nous

Rush - Everyday Glory

Rush - Face Up

Rush - Finding My Way

Rush - Fly By Night

Rush - Force Ten

Rush - Freewill

Rush - Freeze (Part IV of Fear)

Rush - Ghost Of A Chance

Rush - Ghost Rider

Rush - Grand Designs

Rush - Half The World

Rush - Hand Over Fist

Rush - Here Again

Rush - Heresy

Rush - High Water

Rush - How It Is

Rush - I Think I'm Going Bald

Rush - In The End

Rush - In The Mood

Rush - Jacob's Ladder

Rush - Kid Gloves

Rush - La Villa Strangiato

Rush - Lakeside Park

Rush - Lessons

Rush - Limelight

Rush - Lock And Key

Rush - Losing It

Rush - Madrigal

Rush - Making Memories

Rush - Manhattan Project

Rush - Marathon

Rush - Middletown Dreams

Rush - Mission

Rush - Mystic Rhythms

Rush - Natural Science

Rush - Need Some Love

Rush - Neurotica

Rush - New World Man

Rush - Nobody's Hero

Rush - Nocturne

Rush - One Little Victory

Rush - Open Secrets

Rush - Out Of The Cradle

Rush - Peaceable Kingdom

Rush - Presto

Rush - Prime Mover

Rush - Red Barchetta

Rush - Red Lenses

Rush - Red Sector A

Rush - Red Tide

Rush - Resist

Rush - Rivendell

Rush - Roll The Bones

Rush - Scars

Rush - Second Nature

Rush - Secret Touch

Rush - Show Don't Tell

Rush - Something For Nothing

Rush - Stars Look Down

Rush - Stick It Out

Rush - Subdivisions

Rush - Superconductor

Rush - Sweet Miracle

Rush - Tai Shan

Rush - Take A Friend

Rush - Tears

Rush - Territories

Rush - Test For Echo

Rush - The Analog Kid

Rush - The Big Money

Rush - The Big Wheel

Rush - The Body Electric

Rush - The Camera Eye

Rush - The Color Of Right

Rush - The Enemy Within (Part I of Fear)

Rush - The Fountain Of Lamneth

Rush - The Necromancer

Rush - The Pass

Rush - The Speed Of Love

Rush - The Spirit of Radio

Rush - The Trees

Rush - The Twilight Zone

Rush - The Weapon (Part II of Fear)

Rush - Time And Motion

Rush - Time Stand Still

Rush - Tom Sawyer

Rush - Totem

Rush - Turn the Page

Rush - Vapor Trail

Rush - Virtuality

Rush - Vital Signs

Rush - War Paint

Rush - What You're Doing

Rush - Witch Hunt

Rush - Working Man

Rush - Xanadu

Rush - You Bet Your Life

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