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Top Song Lyrics - some of the best lyrics available online




Santana - A Dios

Santana - A-1 Funk

Santana - Abi Cama

Santana - Acapulco Sunrise

Santana - Africa Bamba

Santana - Agua Que Va Caer

Santana - All I Ever Wanted

Santana - All the Love of the Universe

Santana - American Gypsy

Santana - Angel Negro

Santana - Angels All Around Us

Santana - As The Years Go By

Santana - Aspirations

Santana - Bahia

Santana - Bailando/ Aquatic Park

Santana - Bambara

Santana - Before We Go

Santana - Bella

Santana - Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen

Santana - Blues For Salvador

Santana - Body Surfing

Santana - Borboletta

Santana - Breaking Out

Santana - Brightest Star

Santana - Brotherhood

Santana - Brown Skin Girl

Santana - Canto De Los Flores

Santana - Carnaval

Santana - Castillos de Arena, Part 1 (Sand Castle)

Santana - Changes

Santana - Choose

Santana - Chunk A Funk

Santana - Coconut Grove

Santana - Conquistadore Rides Again

Santana - Corazon Espinado

Santana - Cry Baby Cry

Santana - Da Le Yaleo

Santana - Da Tu Amor

Santana - Dance, Sister, Dance (Baila Mi Hermana)

Santana - Daughter of the Night

Santana - Day of Celebration

Santana - Dealer/ Spanish Rose

Santana - Deeper, Dig Deeper

Santana - Do You Like The Way

Santana - E' Papa Re'

Santana - El Corazon Manda

Santana - El Fuego

Santana - El Morocco

Santana - El Nicoya

Santana - Equador

Santana - Esperando

Santana - Eternal Caravan of Reincarnation

Santana - Every Day I Have the Blues

Santana - Every Step of the Way

Santana - Everybody's Everything

Santana - Everything's Coming Our Way

Santana - Evil Ways

Santana - Flame Sky

Santana - Flor De Canela

Santana - Free All the People (South Africa)

Santana - Free Angela

Santana - Freeway

Santana - Fried Neckbones

Santana - Fried Neckbones and Some Homefries

Santana - Full Moon

Santana - Future Primitive

Santana - Gardenia

Santana - Gitano

Santana - Give and Take

Santana - Give Me Love

Santana - Going Home

Santana - Golden Hours

Santana - Goodness and Mercy

Santana - Guajira

Santana - Gumbo

Santana - Gypsy Queen

Santana - Gypsy Woman

Santana - Gypsy/ Grajonca

Santana - Hannibal

Santana - Hard Times

Santana - Havana Moon

Santana - Here and Now

Santana - Hold On

Santana - Hope You're Feeling Better

Santana - Hot Tamales

Santana - How Long

Santana - I Am Somebody

Santana - I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love

Santana - I'll Be Waiting

Santana - I'm Feeling You

Santana - I'm Gone

Santana - I'm The One Who Loves You

Santana - In A Silent Way

Santana - Incident AT Neshabur

Santana - It's A Jungle Out There

Santana - Jam

Santana - Jam In E

Santana - Jam In G Minor

Santana - Jammin' Home

Santana - Jharna Kala

Santana - Ji-Go-Lo-Ba

Santana - Jingo

Santana - Jugando

Santana - Just Feel Better

Santana - Just In Time To See The Sun

Santana - Just Let the Music Speak

Santana - La Fuente del Ritmo

Santana - La Llave

Santana - La Puesta Del Sol

Santana - Latin Tropical

Santana - Let It Shine

Santana - Let Me

Santana - Let Me Inside

Santana - Let the Children Play

Santana - Let the Music Set You Free

Santana - Let There Be Light/ Spirits Dancing In The Flesh

Santana - Life Is A Lady/ Holiday

Santana - Life is Anew

Santana - Life Is For Living

Santana - Lightnin'

Santana - Lightning in the Sky

Santana - Look Up (To See What's Coming Down)

Santana - Love (Carlos Santana & Chris Solberg)

Santana - Love Is You

Santana - Love of My Life

Santana - Love Theme From 'Spartacus'

Santana - Make Somebody Happy

Santana - Mandela

Santana - Marathon

Santana - Maria Caracoles

Santana - Maria Maria

Santana - Migra

Santana - Milagro

Santana - Mingus

Santana - Mirage

Santana - Mother's Daughter

Santana - Move On

Santana - My Man

Santana - Night Hunting Time

Santana - No One To Depend On

Santana - Now That You Know

Santana - Nowhere to Run

Santana - Nueva York

Santana - Once It's Gotcha

Santana - One Chain (Don't Make No Prison)

Santana - One With the Sun

Santana - One With You

Santana - Open Invitation

Santana - Over and Over

Santana - Oxun (Oshun)

Santana - Oye Como Va

Santana - Para Los Rumberos

Santana - Paris Finale

Santana - Peace on Earth...Mother Earth..Third Stone From The Sun

Santana - Persuasion

Santana - Phuler Matan

Santana - Practice What You Preach

Santana - Praise

Santana - Primavera

Santana - Promise of a Fisherman

Santana - Puesta del Sol

Santana - Put Your Lights On

Santana - Reach Up

Santana - Right Now

Santana - Runnin

Santana - Saja/ Right On

Santana - Santana Jam

Santana - Savor/ Toussaint L'Overture

Santana - Say It Again

Santana - Se A Cabo

Santana - Searchin'

Santana - Shades of Time

Santana - Shango

Santana - She Can't Let Go

Santana - Sher Khan, The Tiger

Santana - She's Not There

Santana - Smooth

Santana - Somewhere In Heaven

Santana - Song for My Brother

Santana - Songs of Freedom

Santana - Soweto (Africa Libre)

Santana - Spirit

Santana - Spring Manifestations

Santana - Stand Up

Santana - Stay (Beside Me)

Santana - Stone Flower

Santana - Stone Flower (Introduction)

Santana - Stormy

Santana - Summer Lady

Santana - Swapan Tari

Santana - Taboo

Santana - Take Me With You

Santana - Tell Me, Are You Tired

Santana - The Calling

Santana - The Facts of Love

Santana - The Nile

Santana - The River

Santana - The Sensitive Kind

Santana - They All Went to Mexico

Santana - Touchdown Raiders

Santana - Toussaint L'Overture

Santana - 'Trane

Santana - Transcendance

Santana - Travelin' Blues

Santana - Treat

Santana - Try a Little Harder

Santana - Twisted

Santana - Two Points of View

Santana - Vera Cruz

Santana - Verao Vermelho

Santana - Vereda Tropical

Santana - Victim of Circumstance

Santana - Vilato

Santana - Vive La Vida (Life is for Living)

Santana - Waiting

Santana - Warrior

Santana - Watch Your Step

Santana - Waves Within

Santana - We Don't Have to Wait

Santana - Well All Right

Santana - Wham!

Santana - What Does It Take (To Win Your Love)

Santana - Who Loves You

Santana - Who's That Lady

Santana - Why Do You Love

Santana - Winning

Santana - Wishing It Was

Santana - With A Little Help From My Friends

Santana - Written in Sand

Santana - Xibaba

Santana - You Just Don't Care

Santana - You Know That I Love You

Santana - Your Touch

Santana - Yours Is The Light

Santana - Zulu

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