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UK Hits Song Lyrics - These songs have all been top of the United Kingdom's Hit Charts

Crossroads by Blazin Squad

<< 2002 >>


bone bone bone bone bone bone bone bone
so tell me what youre gonna do
when there aint nowhere 2 run
when judgement comes 4 u
(when judgement comes 4 u)
so tell me what your gonna do
when there aint no place 2 hide
when judgement comes 4 u
cuz its gonna come 4 u

see you at the crossroads crossroads crossroads [x4]

so why you gotta go and pray your gonna make it some day
you got a job so why do u want a raise
why you wanna act tough why cant you
play this whole fame
thing just comes one of these days
when it comes youll be one of a kind
but b4 this keep all this in your mind
cos i will hold you till the end of the line want all this youll be mad to decline

so what you gonna do when everydays the same
try and do this
shush just 4 a glimpse of fame
didnt mean 2 do it
just put yourself 2 shame
didnt want 2 kill her just tryin 2 play the game
wen u reach the crossroads where you gonna go
go with your coinsience
just let your feelings flow
lifes up lifes down
but things can turn around
innocent or guilty you will soon be found

So what ya gonna do when people hate you
jack you
beat you
they dont like you
cant run away coz they will find you
prayin for answers wot ya gonna do
make decisions where ya gonna go
take the crossroads go with the flow
you gotta come easy and then you gotta go
your livin in a hateful world
keep low

mmmm and we pray and we pray and we pray and we pray
everyday everyday everyday everyday
and we pray and we pray and we pray and we pray
still we lay still we lay

Theres things in life you have to make
which path you take is like deja-vou
stand by your side
stand next to you
be there in the middle when your passin through
in the middle meet you at the crossroads
between love and hate
between good and evil
we can see right through you
when you tell the truth
all single lie
we brake sumthin
your gonna make a man cry
dont wanna talk about the day your gonna die
sooner or later that day will come
when you have to make a right or wrong decision
its hard to take and make
good and bad they just seperate you
wanna do that sht
prime resists at the end of the day
its up to you
ill be there in the middle when your passin through.

[Chorus x2]
(so you wont be lonley)

see you at the crossroads see you
see you at the crossrads see you

whos that get off the train
avirex jacket with the poor with the rain
why take that mans chain
no more trouble made

[Melo-D:] living on the streets everyday so lame
people walking past looking at you in shame
but they dont really care whos the one 2 blame
youre gonna take the wrong turn your gonna lose the game
you no its not ur fault that life turned this way
but ppl dont care dont hear what you say
the way it is now is the ways it gonna stay
theres no choice left but to hope and pray

[Chorus x2]
(so you wont b lonley)

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