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Demon Alley


Off Route 23 in northern New Jersey is a road where no car or truck has gone for many years. The asphalt is crumbling and potholed. Weeds and tall grass grow from cracks in the pavement. Every other tree along the abandoned road bears a No Trespassing sign. People who live in the area call this road Demon Alley.

At the end of the road are a few dozen wooden houses. All the doors are padlocked. All the windows are boarded up. It's obvious that the houses have been empty for years, yet the buildings are pristine. No one has spray-painted graffiti on the walls. No one has pried the boards off the windows or broken the padlocks on any of the doors. No one would dare break into any building on Demon Alley.

In the 1920s this was a growing neighborhood. Then a stranger moved into one of the houses, and odd things began to happen. Pets disappeared. If a little girl left her doll outside, she would find it later with its head missing. The incidents were beginning to make the residents uneasy. Then the newcomer suggested that they hold a neighborhood meeting to discuss the problem. Since his house was the largest on the street, he invited everyone to meet there the next evening. "Bring the entire family," he said. "There's plenty of room. We'll turn it into a party."

The next day, after sundown, every man, woman and child walked over to their neighbor's house. Once everyone was inside, their host locked the front door. Suddenly, men and women in heavy black hooded robes burst into the room. They wielded large knives, meat cleavers and axes. Within minutes, they had massacred all of the helpless residents.

It was a local police officer cruising through the neighborhood who first suspected that something was wrong. At six in the evening, not a single light was on in any of the houses. When backup arrived, the cops began investigating the houses, one by one. Everything was orderly and tidy in every house on the street. There was no sign of violence anywhere—until they came at last to the largest house on the street. The drapes had been drawn; they could not see in the windows. All the doors were locked, so the police had to break into the house. In the large front parlor, they found the bodies of the dead—hacked, disfigured and dismembered.

The identity of the newcomer and his followers remains a mystery. They vanished the night of the massacre. Police investigators speculated that the murders had been committed by a Satanic cult, but no one was ever arrested or charged with the crime.




Route 23 in northern New Jersey - Looking Back!

Route 23 in northern New Jersey



Story by Eric Dylan    Copyright Do not copy for use on blogs, websites etc


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