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Shrink-to-Fit Jeans

On a Saturday night in the late 1970s, a sophomore at a New Hampshire college put on a pair of new jeans and went to a party at a frat house. By midnight, he was profoundly drunk. On a trip to the bathroom, the bathtub looked so cool and inviting that he climbed in and promptly passed out.

The next drunk to use the bathroom thought this was comical.
From the bathroom door he yelled, "Hey! You gotta see this!"
A handful of partiers crowded in around the tub.

"He must be really wasted."
"Next time, remind me to sleep it off in his bathtub."
Then the only girl in the group said, "You know, it's a shame he didn't think to fill the tub first."
Everyone looked at her as if she were out of her mind.
"Seriously. If you wear new jeans and soak in them in the bathtub, they shrink to the shape of your body. They look really good."

One of the guys said, "Then let's do this guy a favor and shrink his jeans for him!" He plugged the drain and turned on the water.
With the type of seriousness only drunks can summon up, the little group stood and watched as the tub filled. When the water was chest high, they turned off the taps.

"He's going to be so grateful in the morning," the girl said as everyone filed out.
About noon the next day, one of the frat brothers staggered out of bed into the bathroom. The fiat's houseguest was still in the tub.
"C'mon. Wake up!" he shouted.

But the kid in the tub didn't move.
"Let's go. Time to get up." He splashed some water in the drunk's face, but still he got no response.
"Look, you gotta sleep it off somewhere else. People want to use the shower." He shook the guy; the body was deathly cold.

"Oh shit!" he exclaimed.
The frat brother called 911. Minutes later, a crew of paramedics with their paraphernalia crowded into the bathroom.
"He's dead, isn't he," the frat president said.
"Yes he is," one of the paramedics said. "Who put him in a bathtub filled with water?'
"One of the girls who was here last night said it would make his jeans shrink to fit his body."
"Yeah, it did that," the paramedic said. "The jeans shrank so well they cut off his circulation. It killed him."

Variations: In an alternate version of this legend, a young woman dies when she purposely soaks in a bathtub filled with water so her jeans will be as tight as possible. Another variant claims that the woman does not die, but is mortified when the police and ambulance crew have to cut her out of her too-tight jeans.



Story by Eric Dylan    Copyright Do not copy for use on blogs, websites etc


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