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Auction Details:

Welcome to my Spiritual Realm,,,,

I am a Collecter of the Paranormal ...I Collect Magick Items...Spells..Haunted Items..Etc...

I am a Spiritual Person and I truely believe we are not alone in this vast Universe..We hold Vast amounts of information ..Power.. and Energy that we are unable to unlock ourselves,,
Many of the items I have help people to unlock these Secrets and abilities.

As a Young girl I began to feel, hear and see Energies, Spirits, Entities Etc..
I can sense thier presence in items...Items they call home..

Witchcraft is also a huge part of my life..collecting items that hold Powerful Spells,, Spells that change lives..
I have been to some of the Most Riches Homes and Communities to some of the most Poorest..finding items that speak to me,,,

I have many Powerful People,,Witches,,Warlocks Psychics,,Mediums,,Conjurers of all types and others that find me and either sell,, trade or give me Intensely Powerful items,,I only deal with those I know to be Authentic and whos items show me there Powers..I still have many items from my own collection and I will be traveling soon to aquire more ..

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.
I am a honest seller and will do my best to describe item accurately. most of my items are used,and are in the same condition as I purchased or received them. I never alter, nor clean items I purchase or recieved, I leave them in the condition I get them

I am aware that many people are not believers, and that is OK, but be aware that rude comments don't phase me,so you might not want to waste your time, I have heard it all.

I cannot be responsible for what happens once you get one of my items, they sometimes do different things for different owners. You should always respect and never ridicule a Haunt,or energy.
Thank you so much for looking,and good will to you.

I have 3 Rare, Immaculant and Powerful items from her Estate-which item came first is still uncertain but all have Powers that will change ones life forever.

How she was able to become so in touch with her source was nothing short of a miracle. Then to transfer this Power into a solid object to stay forever is wow..

Miss Clementine was a Very Powerful Woman who Surpassed Priest and Priestesses, Warlocks and Sorcerers..Her Magick was within her even before conception but she treasured her 3 Amazing Pieces or Tools.

Her home was filled with museum type items, her hallways were lined with fine Jewelry she had on display as if you were in a very fancy jewelry store-all lit up behind closed glass cases, you could imagine all the sparkle.. She had priceless Statues and other Antiues worth more than most make in thier whole lives and then some..but I was not interested in those jewels I wanted the 3 items I have heard of for so many years by my Elders. It was in her room in a quaint medium sized box lined with black silk that I found them..all together so perfectly layed out next to one another..I had to catch my breath as I opened the box-the Energy was so amazing-so overjoying and of all the Gorgeous pieces in Miss Clementines home these were the most beautiful I had ever seen or Felt and the most valuble..if the others only knew!

I knew of all the items in her home none were as such a Treasure as these.

This is the most Precious/Special and most Amazing Haunted Paranormal item I have ever had even near me-

It can copy or mirror the Magick and the Power that lies within any being or any thing period that holds Magick NOTE: only positive never negative or evil...

So any being or Spell or Power it comes in to contact with it learns instantly its Powers, now it does not steal them it only mirrrs them making it just as this item is constantly learning absorbing mirroring Magick Powers of all sources.

It holds the Power of the Oldest and most Powrful of any Holds the Power of the most Powerful of people and beings and thefore you reap its benifits.

Beauty Spells-changing hair or eye color-only temporary-or be rid of blemishes-restore your Youth tighten wrinkles smooth them completely out-no more Gray hair-longer stronger hair and nails-Charm and Charisma-seduction-All things to do with inner and outter beauty -

Love Spells-Get back your lost love - Find your Soul mate - get anyone you desire - get noticed- all things in love..wether it be family or a lover.

Tranquility spells Relaxation Spells

Spells to remove stress or to even Labido

Wealth Spells of the Centuries.

Wishes you can even ask for wishes..

This Amulet has every Spell imaginable and Every Power of every being that has ever exsited.

The list goes on an on and if you have other Paranormal items this Amulet will just learn more and become more Powerful and it is all for you!

Now another addition to this Amulet is it is Haunted by a by a very kind and loving Spirit-she has lived in this Vessel for a very long time - she helps to stop disaster for you such as stopping you from making bad descisions or protecting you from empending dangers-things of that nature..she loves family and protects all that live in your home and family that does not..she really loves children and animals.

I did not use candlelight in these 3 pictures as I usually like to do -I love the way candlelight captures the beauty of an item...but on these I wanted you to see these items in Detail.

Miss Clementine was the last to ever wear this precious item on a daily basis but I can tell you it has changed many lives in the small time we have had it-money wise love wise health wise and has been such a pleasure to be in it's precence.

This is a very Rare Piece we believe to be from a Famous but Rare to find Artist Aldo Baluardi-it is very old and as you can see from the pictures is nothing short of amazing-Hand Painted Woman with Diamonds in her Hair and one as an earring.

So besides is unmeasuarable value of Magick and Powers it is truely a Devine piece of Artwork History-Museum quality and probably should be in one, but I offer it here. I had to use a magnifying glass so you can see the gorgeous is said that the Woman who Haunts it is the very Woman in the picture? It is marked 750 for 18k and has initials AB

I honestly cannot even begin to list all this amazing piece can do..but if you can imgaine all the Magick all the Powers all the Knowledge and Powers of all the different beings in this Universe all in the Amulet and always becoming is the best way to describe it. It is all that is Power and all that is Magick.

We had a guest who traveled very far just to feel the Power he had heard lye within these items and he was never so pleased .. he spent alot of time with them..testing the powers and is going to write a book including these very items for he considers them to be in the top 20 most Powerful items in his lifetime.

We would love for this collection to go to the same person and if the same person purchases all 3 a discount will be given.

I was not going to list many items on Ebay anymore but these are so special I wanted the world to know of them and have thier opportunity to own one or more.

Please look at the other 2 items of Miss Clementine.

Miss Clementines Vessel ALL

Auction Pictures:





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