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A random selection of hilarious jokes from our website - Probably the funniest jokes on the Internet

Random Jokes - 47


An Irish priest loved to fly fish, it was an obsession of his. So far this year the weather had been so bad that he hadn't had a chance to get his beloved wadders on and his favourite flies out of their box

Strangly though, every Sunday the weather had been good, but of course Sunday is the day he has to go to work.

The weather forcast was good again for the coming Sunday so he called a fellow priest claiming to have lost his voice and be in bed with the flu. He asked him to take over his sermon.

The fly fishing priest drove fifty miles to a river near the coast so that no one would recognise him. An angel up in Heaven was keeping watch and saw what the priest was doing. He told God who agreed that he would do something about it.

With the first cast of his line a huge fish mouth gulped down the fly. For over an hour the priest ran up and down the river bank fighting the fish. At the end when he finally landed the monster size fish it turned out to be a world record Salmon.

Confused the angel asked God, 'Why did you let him catch that huge fish? I thought you were going to teach him a lesson.'

God replied 'I did. Who do you think he's going to tell?'

There were three kids that needed a place to stay for the night. They saw a house and knocked..... A farmer ansered the door and the kids asked if they could stay the night. The farmer said yes and told them to sleep in the barn but no matter what DON'T eat his wife's fresh baked pie. So the kids went to sleep. It was 5:00am when they woke up and they were so hungry that they ate the pie. On the next day the farmer was going to punish them and he told them to go pick one fruit each. So thy did. The first kid came back with an orange and the farmer out it up his nose! The second kid came back with a cherry and the farmer put it up his nose! Both kids started laughing and laughung. The farmer said why are you laughing this was supposed to hurt. They said we saw the third kid picking a watermelon.

One day an american guy visits spain.after watching an exciting bull fight,he goes into a restaurant for dinner.while he waits for his meal, a waitor walks by with a steaming plate of food. the american guy asks the waitor what it is. the waitor relpies that it is bulls testicles from thefight. wlling to try anything once, the american orders one for the next day...... the next afternoon, the american walks into the restaurant and sits down to his meal. when he sees the waitor, hetells him they are delicious, but why are they so much smaller than the ones yesterday? then the waitor tells him, sometimes the bull wins!

I am on my sea food diet right now!

How does it work?

Whenever I see food I eat it!

A farmer lived on a quiet rural highway. But, as time went by, the traffic slowly built up at an alarming rate. The traffic was so heavy and so fast that his chickens were being run over at a rate of three to six a day. So one day he called the sheriff's office and said, You've got to do something about all of these people driving so fast and killing all of my chickens.'

'What do you want me to do?' asked the sheriff.

'I don't care, just do something about those drivers.'

So the next day he had the county go out and put up a sign that said:


Three days later the farmer called the sheriff and said, 'You've got to do something about these drivers. The 'school crossing' sign seems to make them go faster.'

So, again, the sheriff sends out the county and they put up a new sign:


And that really sped them up. So the farmer called and called and called everyday for three weeks. Finally, he asked the sheriff, 'Your signs are doing no good. Is it all right for me to put up my own sign?'

The sheriff told him, 'Sure thing, put up your own sign.'

He was going to let the farmer do just about anything in order to have him stop calling. Well, the sheriff got no more calls from the farmer.

Three weeks after the farmers last call, the sheriff decided to call him. 'How's the problem with those drivers. Did you put up your sign?'

'Oh, I sure did. And not one chicken has been killed since then. I've got to go. I'm very busy.'

And he hung up the phone.

The sheriff thought to himself, 'I'd better go to that farmer's house and look at that sign...

There might be something there that WE could use to slow down drivers...'

So the sheriff drove out to the farmer's house, and he saw the sign. It was a whole sheet of plywood. And written in large yellow letters were the words:



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