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On Friday, October 24, 2008, Charles Herbert Engersen, III and Matilda English Setter were joined together in holy matrimony. The groom looked debonair in his pale blue tux and the bride shown to perfection in the splendor of her white gown decorated with hand sewn lace. The bride also wore a veil which has been handed down through her new husband’s family for several generations. The groom’s grandmother, Mrs. Charles Herbert Engersen, I (Henrietta Pendguster Engersen), wept as she saw the bride walking down the aisle with the veil which she herself had worn some years back. “I can’t believe it, I just can’t believe it,” she wept, as she wiped away her tears. It was evident that she was overcome with emotion.

The wedding took place in the park near the Engerson home where Charles and Matilda have taken walks several times a days a day during the four years which they have spent together.
“We’ve been living together for sometime,” the groom told the news media. “We thought it was time to make our relationship a legal one. There was a bit of a mix up when we went for our license but we were soon able to get that misunderstanding straightened out with only a minimum of difficulty.”

The groom was attended by his brother, Richard Engerson and the head bridesmaid was “Lucky” Lucille Irish Setter.


Lucky - looking stunning in her bridesmaid dress.

The ring bearer was the bride’s nephew, Collin Heinz and the flower girl was the bride’s cousin, Katie Cocker Spaniel. The wedding was detained for some twenty minutes when the ring bearer and the flower girl decided to go for a romp in the park. They were retrieved by their various caregivers, who threatened to put them on leashes if they didn’t behave themselves and stay as they had been told to do.

“That Collin is something else,” chuckled the groom’s father, Charles Herbert Engersen, II in speaking of the incident later. “One really has to keep an eye on that little pup. You never know what he is going to do. His branch of the family has a lot of variety to it, so I’ve been told. I thought for sure the little whelp would lose those rings. Good thing they were sewn onto the pillow, the way he was tossing that around.”

The wedding was officiated by the Revs. C. Herbert Flanders and Abner St. Bernard. Since the bride and groom are of different nationalities and their use of each others language is somewhat limited, the couple had decided to have pastors fluent in both languages. Even though there were those present who did not understand the bride’s speech all felt that when the bride was called upon to speak she did so eloquently.


The new house that Charles and Matilda will live in after the honeymoon.

“I really can’t understand what all the fuss is about,” the groom told the media at a press conference which was held later that day. “Surely I can’t be the first man to marry a bitch.”


Story by our news reporter Gail McLeod - Working for Independence







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