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Weird Websites - 500 Funny Poems - possibly the funniest five hundred poems on the internet

500 Funny Poems


1-2-3 by David Darbyshire

A funny thing by Phillip Robertson

A Pome For My Parme by Charles Hice

DUMMY-DUMMY-DUMMY” by Trade Martin

They’re Gonna Take Me To The Funny Farm” by Trade Martin

32 Senryu by Athul Krishna

A Common Mistake by Tearon Uzuki

A Dream by Christina Conseco

A few words by India Wallace

A Funny Noise by Jerry Abrahamson

A funny world isnt it? by Austin Jeffrey

A glass of milk by Jerry Abrahamson

A Growing Poet Fay Sal by Atef Ayadi

A hammer to my head by Lily Espinosa

A Joker – The Masked Face! by Catastrophe King

A LAUGHING-FART by Bryce Coast

A sense of humor by Ric S. Bastasa

A Shih Tzu by Francis Duggan

Abbot & Costello...Al Gore & George Bush by Stanley Cooper

Adria, adria, adria why are you so funny? by Ric S. Bastasa

Advice from Dracula by Kenn Nesbitt

Aerodynamic Mishap by Gareth Lancaster

Ain't It Funny by Marcquiese Burrell

Ain't it funny by Steven Taylor

Allergic by Gareth Lancaster

Alphabet A Was Once An Apple by Sherif Monem

Amor by Soul Child

And It's Funny How I Laugh At Samantha by Nicole Wobster

Animal Intrigue by Gareth Lancaster

Any of the above by Garry Stanton

Appearing tpo be sad by Gershon Hepner

Are Elephants Real? by Gareth Lancaster

Are u crazy? by Ang Pei Ling Pei Ling

As sung by the CARPENTERS by Steve Ray

ASPHYXIA by Vikash Zimba

At History I'm Hopeless by Kenn Nesbitt

Attack of the Vegetables by Gareth Lancaster

Awkward Orphan by Zhi Bai Peng

Barrack For Barack by Allan James Saywell

BE MY FUNNY BOZO by Aldo Kraas

Bed and Pillows by Rownel Allen

Beginning to Realize by Jerry Abrahamson

Being the Player by Jerry Abrahamson

Berried Treasure by Vincent Hefter

Bimbo by Jennifer Bosomworth

Bingo Buddies by LaVerne E. Fujak

Boboo by Mowjo

Bod, My Fat Cat by Gareth Lancaster

Boys by Jade McDaniels

Breakfast in Bed by Kenn Nesbitt

Brian's Nose by Gareth Lancaster

Bubble Bath by Gareth Lancaster

Bugs by Callie Browsheart

Bungle by David Darbyshire

Bunnies by Amy Cadler

Busy Bees by Jodilee Duke

Cats by Mty. Quiksilvar C

Caution by Sergey Sibikovsky

Cells Divided by Duncan Wyllie

Change Of Time by Silver Akira

Characters by Aram Stefanian

Chemistry Class by Gareth Lancaster

Chief Sitting Fool by JoJo Bean

Chillin by Keith Ricardo Williams

Chocolate by Charles M. Moore

Chocolate Cake by Gareth Lancaster

Complete and Absolute Bordem 2 by Lylyanna Pilewski

Complex by Nisha Janine

Confusion of a Twenty-Two Year Old Woman by Jessica Post

Conjuring Kevin by Gareth Lancaster

Count by Jessica Murray

CROW & BUNNY by Ray Lucero

Daddy's Diet by Gareth Lancaster

Davetheleg by David Darbyshire

Dead Funny by George BernardBloodyShaw

Deeply in Love With Someone Special by Puppy Luver72196

Destroyed Emotions bring me to my death bed by Kellyn, A Grau

Devilish Plans by Cokbod Lodwogo

Difficult Times by Gareth Lancaster

Distance by Bill Smith


Do Without by Aram Stefanian

Dogs are funny by Jim Foulk

Don't Bother Any Butterflies by Kenn Nesbitt

Dont want to by Less Crew

Down In the Dumps? by Who Iam

Down On The Funny Farm by David Harris

Dreaming of Summer by Kenn Nesbitt

Dreams by Imogen Brand

Dreams by Reina H. Lorenzo

Easter by Stardasia Livngston

Elephant by Alex Mcglinchey

Elvis Costello Records by Kevin Campbell

Eric by Lita Williams

Escape Forever by Randy Demand

Evaluating Time by Theresa Moore

Eyes by Jeanie Travell

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. by Olivia Champion

Fame And Fortune by Laurence Overmire

Fast by Ashley W.

Feuding Friends by Gareth Lancaster

Fight the flight by Garrity Guenther

Finally it happened by Lylyanna Pilewski

Fireworks by Gareth Lancaster

First born by Alex Haywood

Flirtation by Nefertiti Goforth

Fooling The Boys by Vallerie Lobell

For Earth by Otteri Selvakumar

For My Niece by Kimberly Kastner

Fragmented Reflections by Susan Ash

Freaking Ignorance by Olivia Misery

Freaking Out by Jerry Abrahamson

Friends by Silver Akira

Funny by Sylvia Chidi

Funny by Sandra Osborne

Funny by Jerry Abrahamson

Funny by Raphael De La Ghetto

Funny by Alicia Gomez

Funny Bunny by Drew TaylorScott

Funny Chrismas! by Courtney Mayer

Funny Feeling by Sarah Ann Walker

Funny Girl by Mason Forrester

Funny Girl by Eli MorenoDrew

Funny isn't it? by Amie Waddafuck

FUNNY IT IS! by Subbaraman N V

Funny Jungles by Vijay Gupta

Funny Men by Aldo Kraas

Funny Moments by Jeremy Williams

Funny thing is! by Duncan Wyllie

Funny thing life by Sandra van Coppenhagen

Funny, But Then Not by Daniela X. Daraz

Funny, Isn't It by Jodie Cameron

Fuzzy Little Monsters by Gareth Lancaster

Galleries by Cokbod Lodwogo

Georgie girl by Angel Honeys

Girls who didn't work by Andrew Jones

Got It All Wrong by Nathalie Joseph

What Makes Laughter So Funny? by Matt Rappolt

Grand by David Darbyshire

Granddad by James Lee Watts

Granddad's Wayward Teeth by Gareth Lancaster

Greeshmam by Indira Babbellapati

Growing by Lacy Greear Kobilis

Growing Up by Gina Durst

Hackie Sack by Charlie Watson

Haikus by Jeph S. Walker

Happy Birthday by Leia Abramson

Headache by Chris Sterling

Helam by Edward Kofi Louis

Help Me by Brian Aji

Helping t o Calm Down by Jerry Abrahamson

Herbet by Gareth Lancaster

Heysel by Ewan Paterson

Hooray! Hooray! It's New Year's Day by Kenn Nesbitt

Hope? by Matthew Winter

Horatio McGann by Gareth Lancaster

Horror Movie Marathon by Kenn Nesbitt

How To Make You Funny? by Atef Ayadi

Hugs by Gareth Lancaster


500 Funny Poems


I Am by Astacia Glover

I' am by Amanda Edwards

I ASK MYSELF! by Giaret De La Cruz

I can stop the rain. by TheBigThinkg Human

I Can’t Hear You by Theresa Moore

I Cloned Myself on Friday Night by Kenn Nesbitt

I Dreamed a Dream by Gareth Lancaster

I find it kinda funny by Tizzy Barion

I got punk'd by Vernazera Lumba

I hate you by Jenny Sar

I miss by Lisa Schlode

I miss you.. X by Stacce Grant

I too, joke by Sandra Berndt

I Wake Today by Kenn Nesbitt

I Wish That I Could Write A Poem by Robert M Wilson

I Wrote an Awful Poem by Kenn Nesbitt

I Wrote an Awful Poem by Kenn Nesbitt

I Wrote Myself a Letter by Kenn Nesbitt

I, you, me, together by Sen Unknown

If Fleas Had Feelings by Gareth Lancaster

If School Were More Like Baseball by Kenn Nesbitt

Ignore me! by Gary McPhail

I'm Building...Something by Gareth Lancaster

I'm Getting Sick of Peanut Butter by Kenn Nesbitt

I'm In Love With Mud by Gareth Lancaster

I'm Late For School by Gareth Lancaster

I'm Not Afraid of the Dark by Kenn Nesbitt

I'm Practically Perfect by Kenn Nesbitt

I'm Sorry God If I Offended by JoJo Bean

I'm Super! by Gareth Lancaster

Imagination by Bob Blackwell

In My Head by Gareth Lancaster

Infant Eyes by C H Sund

Invisible by Laura McDougall

Inviting bunny to my home! by Afwas

Is This the Only Way by Jerry Abrahamson

Isn't it funny by Pali Girl S

Isn't It Funny by RebeccaSaphira Black

Isn't It Funny by Cindy Tang

Isn't it Funny by Jerry Abrahamson

Isn't It Funny? by Gina Durst

Isn't it Funny? by Jamie Heatherton

It was so simple by Kay Barcelon

It's a sunshine daisy's day! by Lylyanna Pilewski

Its Funny by Megan Bullington

It's Funny by Rachel L. Z.

It's Funny by Keith Foley

It's Funny by Kenneth Eisenberg

Its funny how by Heather Noble


Its Funny… by MeganOlivia Maxwell

It's never, It's not gonna happen by Ice johnson

Jester by Fae LundConlon

Joanne's Dilemma by Lilibeth Sacmar Apat

Joe Ray From Bunyip by Francis Duggan

Joke 04 I Eat My Peas With Honey by Stewart McKenzie

June 2,2001 by Wildflower

Just One Of Those days by Arsiema Berhane

Just thoughts. by Charles M. Moore

Kinda like no snow on christmas by David Gerardino

Kiss by Earl Graham

Know who you are by Amira Adam

Lack of inspiration by Seema Aarella

Laughed My Way Through Traffic… by Margaret Alice

Laughing At Ourselves by David Harris

Laughter by Ty Bohls

Laughter by Linda Winchell

Learn about the little boy who thinks he's grown by LADii3 T Hinojosa

Leipreachan by Allan James Saywell

Lessons For Lessies by Herbert Nehrlich

Letter To The Woman Who Stopped Writing Me Back by Jeffrey McDaniel

Life's Dream by James T. Wray

Literally by Glenn Bagshaw

Live, Laugh, Love by Sam Byron

Logan Dillie by Logan Dillie

Lost by Laura Brauer

Lost In Space by Garry L. Hicken

Lousy Catcher's Mitt by Kenn Nesbitt

Love Is A Funny Thing by David Harris

Love Just Brakes You by LADii3 T Hinojosa

Love n/or hate by Tamika Scott

Love-Like by Chandra Hohmann

Loving You by Amanda Harding

Luder's Movies by Jay Lude

Mad World by AmieLee

Making Matches by William R. Jackson

Making Memories by Krystal J. Ogans

Man From the Moon by Gareth Lancaster

Marblehead by Bobby Marbles Mobley

Mask by Nicole Luis

Me by Vickie Felton

MELANCHOLY by Ismael Sahin Sumbullu

Memory by Jonathan Goldman

Mike Hill by Amber Lyn Charneski

Mine Eyes by Bill Simmons

Missing Halloween by Gareth Lancaster

Missing You by Myra Mone'a Robertson

Mixed Metaphors by Gershon Hepner

Money by Gareth Lancaster

Money And Life by Ty Bohls

Monkey in a Tree by Charles Garcia

Monsters in Pyjamas by Gareth Lancaster

Morning Poem by Danielle D. Curtis

Mr Anteater by Gareth Lancaster

Mr. Jay Leno by Missy Lynn

Mr. Nobody by Joseph M. Conti

Mumbo Jumbo by Gareth Lancaster

Musings by Herbert Nehrlich

My Beach Fortress by Gareth Lancaster

My Best Friend by Summer Song

My Big Adventure by Gareth Lancaster

My Bike by Tyrone Walker

My Birthday's On St. Patrick's Day by Kenn Nesbitt

My Car is Constructed of Pickles by Kenn Nesbitt

My Computer Ate My Homework by Kenn Nesbitt

My Cousin Fred by Gareth Lancaster

My Daddy's So Funny by Deidre Blair

My Dad's a Secret Agent by Kenn Nesbitt

My Dad's Old Car by Gareth Lancaster

My Daily Prayer by James Weldon Lane

My Daughter, My Friend by Catherine Inscore

My Deepest by Suelana Taha

My Dog is Now a Cow by Suzanne Sheppard-Joiner

My Elephant Thinks I'm Wonderful by Kenn Nesbitt

My Excellent Education by Kenn Nesbitt

My Fantasy by Tina Mcintosh

My Father Looks Like Frankenstein by Kenn Nesbitt

My Father Looks Like Frankenstein by Kenn Nesbitt

My Friend The Bee by Gareth Lancaster

My Friends by Lydia Clarke

My friends by Sam Bowen

My friend's by Fire Angel

My Homework by Michael Rawlinson

My Mom by Lilly Pofan

My Nostril Smells Awesome by Kenn Nesbitt

My Robot by Gareth Lancaster

My Robot Does My Homework by Kenn Nesbitt

My Santa by Carolyn Sears

My Table Manners by Desire N. Sayles

Nicci Hopman by Arielle Perkins

NO TIME by Subbaraman N V

Not Funny by Mariana Zita

NOT FUNNY by Dónall Dempsey

Not so nice of friends by Michaela Burns

Not So Normal Winter by Ariel Kleppinger

November 5th by Gareth Lancaster

Now Here's Why by Shikha Gupta

October by Stephen Saul

Ode to a Centipede by Eve Clements

Ode to Gary by Gloria J. Alexander

Ode to my Immortal by Antonia Anthony

Oh Brother by David Darbyshire

Oh My Darling, Valentine by Kenn Nesbitt

Ole' Blackeye by Gareth Lancaster

Oliver… by Matthew Edan Oliver Palma

On New Year's Day by Kenn Nesbitt

One hundred Meters by Jaime Guerra

One Way Conversation by Kevin Campbell

Oprah Appears on David Letterman! by Michael Jeffrey Gale

Outside Inside by Tiara Unknown

Paul Pumpkin by Gareth Lancaster

Penguins by Hannah Smith

People know me not by Jeannie Schmidt

Perplexitivity by Sally Clarke

Peter Passed a Note Today by Kenn Nesbitt

Piggy Food by David Caucutt

Piture this2 by Daviv Gerardino

Poetry 101 by Gareth Lancaster

Poetry and Prayer by Poet Dragon

Poets, And Words by David Gerardino

Poochy Poochy by Rohit Sapra

POOR ME by R. A. Chaudhary

Practical Application by Jennifer L. Karr

Practicing Scaring by Gareth Lancaster

Prayer of a Stressed Teacher by Chris Hall

Precious by Shimon Weinroth

Professor Frimpinsock by Gareth Lancaster

Quote AA by Satan's Sibling

Rangatang by Allan James Saywell

Rapunzel! Rapunzel! by Kenn Nesbitt

READ THIS.... by Aurora Lockwood

Read to feed by Harlan Simantel

Remember When by Maia Padua

Ricardo by Francis Duggan

Ridiculous by Maddi Eden

Right Smack in the Middle by Sonny Rainshine

Roaming, Fearing by James Mulligan

Rose by Gareth Lancaster

Roses Smell Good by David Darbyshire

Sailing Out To Space by Gareth Lancaster

Same ol Joke by Daryl Hennix

Santa Got Stuck in the Chimney by Kenn Nesbitt

Santa's Accident by Gareth Lancaster

Saturday Night by Jeffrey Quattlebaum

Saturday Observations by Herbert Nehrlich

Saved by Wade Greenway

Scared Stiff by Alessandra Liverani

Sensibility by Kene Hall

Sensitivity by David Taylor

Serious Or Delirious? by Trade Martin

Seventh Avenue by Megan Ayscue

Smile by Duncan Wyllie

Smile by Elisia Cardona

Snails by Gareth Lancaster

Snake by Mark Bowdidge

Snowball Fights by Gareth Lancaster

So close, So far by Elizabeth Celestino

Soft and Satin Furred by Gershon Hepner

Some Look by Celine Charcoal

Some Thoughts by Kiran Raza

Something Funny by David Darbyshire

Something in my Welly by Gareth Lancaster

Somethings Are So Unreal, Like A Dream by Chelsi Lewellyn

Sometime by Carolyn Sears

SPACE HOPPER by Duncan Wyllie

Speaking Spanglish by Gina Durst

Spelling by Jerry Abrahamson

Spidery Foe by Gareth Lancaster

Spring Garden by Gareth Lancaster

Stand-Up Comedians by Stanley Cooper

Stars by Gareth Lancaster

Steppenwolf Revisited by Nat Z. Punx

Stop laughing at me by Randy Johnson

Story Lady by Dave Tanguay

Super Spaceman Pigsworth by Gareth Lancaster

Sweet by Sinead Jessop

Takeoff by Gareth Lancaster

Tears by Aubrey Mcclure

Tears of Acid by Nathaniel DeMay

Ten Amazing Monkeys by Joan Harrell

Terrance Vamp by Gareth Lancaster

Tested on Animals by Paul H Tubb

That girl was me by Emily Rose

That someone by Yoelina Peralta

The Addlepated Glundersnedd by Kenn Nesbitt

The Angry Dinosaur by Gareth Lancaster

The Bag Bites Back by Gareth Lancaster

The Best Times by Daygo Juarez

The bow-leg boy by Eugene Field

The Bully by Alessandra Liverani

The Call of a confusion kind by Lylyanna Pilewski

The Calm before the Storm by David J. Leitner

The Cheese Moon by Gareth Lancaster

The cherub in inverted spectacles by Jagannath rao Adukuri

The Clown by C.J. Heck

The Colb Imb By Nobe by Gareth Lancaster

The Crocodile by Gareth Lancaster

The Dangers Of Sleeping With Women by Dónall Dempsey

The Dentist Pulled My Tooth Out by Kenn Nesbitt

The Difference In Me by Heather Shirts

The dream cast. by Sir Knight

The funny little hats by Rhianon Cumner

The Ghost by Gareth Lancaster

The Ghost and the Darkness by Donna M. Connelly

The Ginglewhap & The Thomble by Gareth Lancaster

The Horsemen are Headless this Evening by Kenn Nesbitt

The Innocent Children by Savannah Allison

The Joy From One To The Other by Mason Forrester

The letter F goes unnoticed by Lindsay Crosby

The Love Lost by Marjorie Mitchell

The Marvelous Homework and Housework Machine by Kenn Nesbitt

The Most Magnificent Zoo by Gareth Lancaster

The Mouse Who Ate Louse by Aryaman Ajit Naik

The Old And The Young by Beo Nguyen

The One That Got Away by Denies L. Caskey

The perception of truth by Anita Atina

The Pesky Fly by Gareth Lancaster

The Plug-Hole Monster by Gareth Lancaster

The 'Poem A Day' Project ~ Day 164 by Flying Lemming

The Possibilities of Ice by Mystykka Mysterious

The Power of Friendship by Paul Tousignant

The rose that grew from Concrete by Olufunmbi Aransiola

The Rumbles by Gareth Lancaster

The Silly Turkey by Denis Kucharski

The Sticky Sticker by Gareth Lancaster

The Strange Haiku by Sarah Elder

The Sun by Gareth Lancaster

The Super Tilting Hurlacoaster by Gareth Lancaster

The Thingy by Gareth Lancaster

The Tiger and the Zebra by Kenn Nesbitt

The Turkey by Brandon Bosse

The way I feel right now by Jon Edward Walker

The Wishing Flower by Gareth Lancaster

Then Just Laugh by Connie Webb

There's a Witch Outside My Window by Kenn Nesbitt

Thick by David Darbyshire

Things are never what they seem by Christopher Grateneau

This is all you've got by Lauren Nicole Hohle

This Is The Story Of My Life by Donna G Fowler

This One Heart by Heather Z. Hanna

This Surely is a Dream by Elaine Name

Tick Tock by Gareth Lancaster

Time by Kalen Ross

Time Flies by K. Jared Hosein

Timeout by Kezziah Hopkins

To Be A Mouse by Gareth Lancaster

To my 4th period class by Daniel Cook

To My Alarm Clock by Amy F. Baker

To my uncle janus by Laudine Warbus

Today I Had a Problem by Kenn Nesbitt

Today I Touched the Buffalobster by Kenn Nesbitt

Together by Ashley Ayers

Tom Cruise by Celeb Hater

Too Busy by Bruce Lansky

Trick Or Treat by Gareth Lancaster

True...No! ? by Yafuso

Trying to be funny by Tiyler Durden

Two Groupies And A Fragile Rock Star by Allan James Saywell

U just dont get it by Melinda Mackey

Unfathomable by Gareth Lancaster

Unknown by Graham Wolfe

Unsuitable Weather by Gareth Lancaster

Untidy by Gareth Lancaster

Untitled By Anonymous by Irina C. Nicula

Untitled...An Acrostic by Maggie Signaigo

Unwind Me by Dakota Austin

Very Similar by David Darbyshire

Watching the Nurses Station by Jerry Abrahamson

Wayward Werewolf by Gareth Lancaster

WEED by Alicia Garza

Welcome to the world! by Juan Carlos Abeti

What A Eunuch Is To Be? by Yihuai Ying

What Have I Done! by Niko Tiliopoulos

What I know about Woman! by Atef Ayadi

What results? by Gil Terre

What we need to know by Tracy Rollings

What You Owe 'ME' by Atef Ayadi

What You're Not by Krista Thomas

What? by Gareth Lancaster

What's The Point Of Tonsils? by Gareth Lancaster

What's the point? by Apple Jean Aba

When Frankenstein Was Just a Kid by Kenn Nesbitt

When Herbert Got a Hot Dog by Kenn Nesbitt

When the sunlight meets meets the sea waves by Mthokozisi Ntokozo Maphumulo

When you laugh by Sami Amusan


WHY by Ty Bohls

Why Do You Care? by Jenn Davis

Wife by Ahmad Shiddiqi

WINTER, , , , AT A FUNNY by Susantha Bandha

Wit by David Darbyshire

Witches Stew by Gareth Lancaster

Women Are Funny Creatures by Allan James Saywell

World's Hardest Test by Kenn Nesbitt

Wrongg by zana ggG

Yawning by Gareth Lancaster

Yellow Pages by Stacey Collins

Yesterday by Sallie Howson

You by Carmela Kazmier

You by Kathryn Miller

You healed me by Kellyn, A Grau

Young man named joe by Vatsal Sinha

Your Talent Overflows by Anna Pacheco

Yoyo Mojo by Gareth Lancaster






















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