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Poems by Robert Herrick

A Bucolic Betwisxt Two; Lacon and Thrysis

A Canticle to Apollo

A Conjuration: To Electra

A Country Life:To His Brother, Mr. Thomas Herrick

A Dialogue Betwixt Himself and Eliza Wheeler

A Hymn To Bacchus

A Hymn to Love

A Hymn to the Muses

A Hymn to Venus and Cupid

A Mean in Our Means

A Meditation for his Mistress

A New Year's Gift, Sent to Sir Simeon Steward

A Panegyric to Sir Lewis Pemberton

A Paranaetcall, or Advisive Verse to John Wicks

A Pastoral Sung to the King

A Pastoral Upon The Birth Of Prince Charles

A Request to the Graces

A Thanksgiving To God, For His House

A Vow to Venus

All Things Decay and Die


An Epitaph Upon a Child

An Epitaph Upon a Virgin

An Ode For Ben Jonson

An Ode of the Birth of Our Saviour

An Ode to Sir Clipsby Crew


Anthea's Retraction

Art Above Nature: To Julia

Barley-Break; or, Last in Hell

By the Hoof of the Wild Goat'

Cock Crow



Farewell Frost, Or Welcome Spring

Felicity Quick of Flight

Four Things Make Us Happy Here

Good Precepts, Or Counsel

His Content in the Country

His Grange, or Private Wealth

His Last Request to Julia

His Life

His Litany, To The Holy Spirit

His Poetry His Pillar

His Prayer For Absolution

His Prayer To Ben Jonson

His Request to Julia

His Return to London

His Wish to God

His Wish to Privacy

How His Soul Came Usnaredn

How Pansies or Hearts Ease Came First

How Springs Came First

Impossibilities: To his Friend

Kissing Usury

Life is the Body's Light

Loss from the Least

Love Dislikes Nothing

Love Lightly Pleased

Love, What it Is

Lovers How They Come and Part

Man's Dying-place Uncertain

Matins, or Morning Prayer


Money Makes the Mirth

Mrs Elix: Under the Name of the Lost Shepherdess

No Fault in Women

No Man Without Money

No Pains, No Gains

Not Everyday Fit For Verse

Nothing Free-Cost

Of Love: A Sonnet

On a Perfumed Lady

On Himself - 1

On Himself - 2

On Himself - 3

On Himself - 4

On Himself - 5

On Love

Pray and Prosper

Safety on the Shore

Satisfaction for Sufferings

The Apparition of His Mistress

The Apron of Flowers

The Argument Of His Book

The Bad Season Makes The Poet Sad

The Bag of the Bee

The Beggar To Mab, The Fairy Queen

The Bell-Man

The Bell-Man - 2

The Bleeding Hand

The Bracelet to Julia

The Bride-Cake

The Bubble: A Song

The Captive Bee; or, the Little Filcher

The Ceremonies for Candlemas Day

The Changes: To Corrina

The Cheat of Cupid; or, the Ungentle Guest

The Coming of Good Luck

The Country Life, To The Honoured M. End. Porter

The Cruel Maid

The Definition of Beauty

The Dirge of Jephthah's Daughter

The Fairies

The Fairy Temple; or, Oberon's Chapel

The Funeral Rites of the Rose

The Hag

The Heart

The Hock-Cart or Harvest Home

The Invitation

The Lily in a Crystal

The Maypole

The Night Piece To Julia

The Parcæ; or, Three Dainty Destinies

The Parliament of Roses to Julia

The Plaudit, or End of Life

The Present Time Best Pleaseth

The Primrose

The Rock of Rubies, And the Quarry of Pearls

The Shower of Blossoms

The Succession of the Four Sweet Months

The Transfiguration

The Vine

The Voice and Viol

The Wake

The Wassail

The Watch

The Widow's Tears; or, Dirge of Dorcas

The Wounded Heart

Things Mortal Still Mutable

To A Gentlewoman Objecting To Him His Gray Hairs

To Anthea - 1

To Anthea -2

To Anthea, Who May Command Him Any Thing

To Bacchus: A Canticle

To Be Merry

To Blossoms

To Carnations: A Song

To Daffadils

To Daisies, Not to Shut So Soon

To Death

To Dianeme - 1

To Dianeme - 2

To Dianeme - 3

To Dianeme - 4

To Electra

To Enjoy the Time

To Heaven

To His Book

To His Conscience

To His Dying Brother, Master, William Herrick

To His Kinswoman, Mistress Susanna Herrick

To His Lovely Mistresses

To His Mistress Objecting To Him Neither Toying….

To His Muse

To His Peculiar Friend, Mr. John Wicks

To His Sweet Saviour

To His Verses

To Julia

To Live Merrily and to Trust to Good Verses

To Meadows

To Mistress Katharine Bradshaw

To Music

To Music, To Becalm His Fever

To Music: A Song

To Oenone

To Pansies

To Perilla

To Perrenna

To Phillis, To Love and Live With Him

To Primroses Filled With Morning Dew

To Robin Red Breast

To Silvia

To Silvia To Wed

To Sir Clipsby Crew

To the Lady Crewe, Upon the Death of her Child

To the Rose: Song

To The Virgins, To Make Much Of Time

To the Willow Tree

To Violets

To Youth

Truth and Error

Up Scoble

Upon A Child

Upon A Child That Died

Upon a Maid

Upon a Painted Gentlewoman

Upon Cupid

Upon Her Feet

Upon His Sister-In-Law, Mistress Elizabeth Herrick

Upon Julia's Hair Filled With Dew

Upon Julia's Ribbon

Upon Julia's Voice

Upon Love

Upon Love

Upon Man

Upon Roses

Upon Tears

Upon Time

Upon Wrinkles

What Kind Of Mistress He Would Have

When He Would Have His Verses Read

Why Flowers Change Colour


Another Grace For A Child

Delight In Disorder

His Age: Dedicated to John Wickes


Soft Music

To Anthea

Upon Himself

Upon Julia's Recovery

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