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Our database of over 500 short poems - possibly the funniest five hundred short poems on the internet

Best Short Poems Collection - 23


The Super Tilting Hurlacoaster by Gareth Lancaster

The Super Tilting Hurlacoaster,
Sixty stories high!
A terror ride that's sure to thrill,
And churn up your insides!

With eight gigantic loop-de-loops,
And five, three-mile long dips,
It nose-dives through the tightest bends,
White-knuckles cling the grips!

Through gravity-defying spins,
A total of sixteen,
This palpitating, pitching trip,
Will leave you shades of green!

The Super Tilting Hurlacoaster,
Threw me to and fro,
Now I'm queasy, faint and dizzy,
Can I have another go?

= = = = = = = = = =

The Power of Friendship by Paul Tousignant

I have a new E-mail friend
We talk about most anything
We are friends from the beginning till death be the end
And she is funny friendly and frisky

This friendship is like a light went on in my heart
It is as if this keyboard has become my friend

My life before was as plain as a white wall
But this person is the paint for that wall

We are two pees in a pod
We have are difference
But we make them funny
And insignifagent

The lose of my friend would be the failure of my wall
And all that is on it

= = = = = = = = = =

Two Groupies And A Fragile Rock Star by Allan James Saywell

Two groupies who were married in Chicago
Left there husbands to live in LA
So they went searching for there idol
A rock star who had come too LA
They hung around all the clubs
Got to know all the little rock groups of the day
So when in a nightclub one night
They were introduced to someone
Who knew there prey
They got invited to the house
Where the rock singer did stay
But he exclaimed, i'm going to bed
So off he went for a little while
Left the girls to sit with the band
It wasn't long before he came back
And whispered in ones ear
Join me in bed, she said oh no
Not on my own, i have here with me a friend
He said okay so they went off to play
In his big Queen sized bed
She said it was funny, i could hardly get it on
He makes all these cute funny noises in bed
Just like he does when he sings
She was laughing so loud
She later said, you know what was funniest
With every guy with whom i made love, i used to think of him
I was thinking he is great but
It seems as though it's not him
He had to work at who he was
He used to say i'm not myself this morning
Be gentle with me, because i'm fragile you see

= = = = = = = = = =

Breakfast in Bed by Kenn Nesbitt

This morning I made my mom breakfast in bed.
I tried to be careful, but burnt all the bread.
I tried to make sure that the coffee was hot,
by boiling the bit left in yesterday's pot.

I charred a few pancakes, potatoes, and grits.
The sausage, I seared into smoldering bits.
I made her some muffins like miniature coals,
and roasted a package of cinnamon rolls.

I scorched several servings of hamburger hash,
and microwaved bacon until it was ash.
I blackened a bagel, which started to smoke.
The smoke alarm sounded. My mother awoke.

I think she was panicked. She looked up in dread.
I proudly presented her breakfast in bed.
She grimaced, then silently counted to ten,
and asked me to never make breakfast again.




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