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Our database of over 500 short poems - possibly the funniest five hundred short poems on the internet

Short easy to read poetry - 8


Dreams by Reina H. Lorenzo

Under the sun, I played with my mind
How to be where I havenít been
To make connection and how to be kind
To catch all my dreams flying that I havenít touch.

Soaked up to the sun
My eyes are burning
My dreams donít know where to land
I spread my arms
I feel my blood is running.

My dreams, my dreams, what took you so long
Arenít you fit for me?
Tell me, where am I really belong?
Cuz Iím tired, dreaminí.

Well, itís funny to be here
But itís not funny that Iím empty
Iím the oldest dreamer, still have nothing
Still have no wings to swim the wind
And still a littleÖ

= = = = = = = = = =

WEED by Alicia Garza

A natural herb of green
Produced from a tiny seed
With buds coated in THC
It will get you high indeed
This you have my guarantee
In a pipe is fine with me
I prefer ZigZag's if you know what I mean
Chill out with some homies
Breakout with your Oz
Clambake your room until you can't see
Keep toking up and you'll feel funny
Soon after you'll get the munchies
So sit back and enjoy the ride
As you feel your body want to fly
Red is now the color of your eyes
So smoke up and show some pride

= = = = = = = = = =

Granddad by James Lee Watts

In my heart youíll stay forever,
Fade away thatís a never.

Your Shiny lock of hair,
And youíre funny little stare,
Will make me smile,
When I feel sad,
Of course it will youíre my Granddad.

I think I speak for everyone when I say youíre great,
My dad says youíre a good mate.

From everyone who loves you Goodbye,
As your memory will live on and on.

= = = = = = = = = =

Destroyed Emotions bring me to my death bed by Kellyn, A Grau

Wandering in a fog of mixed emotions
A broken smile and a twisted dream follow me
This constant flow of reattached motion
Blinds me and makes me want to see
How dose the darkness blind me so
How dose my heart not understand
The truth is I would fall and you wouldnít know
Its sad because I still canít comprehend
The Compassion that plays with my feelings so well
The sadness is steering and the memories haunting
Will I be trap forever in this fucking hell
Its funny how youíre holding my knife and are flaunting
What are you thinking?
Do you understand where the source of my pain is from
Itís funny because I never see you blinking
When the bloody tears fall from my face and you never come
You just leave me alone to die and drown in my sorrow
I look right threw you as I soak in the desolation
The taste fills me with fear and Iím scared I wonít see tomorrow
How much more do I need to show you my desperation
Iím lost now and will my heart be let to die
Will my thoughts just be lost in a mindless conversation
Is there even hope left for me to try
Iíll fix my self some how even if I drown in my frustration
Forget me not is my last words to you
Iíll leave my blood hands for someone else to hold
My back is burned in a shameful tattoo
Iíll be someone elseís creation for them to mold
The chains wonít set me free and Iím so confused
What is it that I do, is my life set up for some reason
Iím so sick of my poor heart being so abused
Is there no one to set me free from this treason
Good-bye again to the world that I know
I think Iíll give in to temptation and just forget how I feel
The funny thing is I think my heart gave up long ago
I have come to the conclusion that my soul will not healed




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