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Our database of over 500 short poems - possibly the funniest five hundred short poems on the internet

Short Funny Poetry Collection - 21


You healed me by Kellyn, A Grau

My eyes are filled with a bran new light
The songs are brighter and I can steal away your fight
Iíll place my hand on yours and kiss away all your fears
My eyes have dried up and itís been forever sense Iíve shed tears
Iíll take all the time in the world to be right here next to you
My breath matches yours and I love every little thing you do
The way you look so deep into my eyes and curl your hand with mine
The way my heart jumps when you kiss me and I know Iíll be fine
Trust is such a hard things to gain, but right from the start you had it from me
The funny thing is I never hide anything from you and I want us to be
From the begging I opened my heart up to you and showed you whom I was
I havenít felt this way for so long and Iím willing to try once again
I laugh at you and call you a dork but the thing is I want to begin
Showing you the feelings I have cause for once in my life I have someone to trust
Someone I can open up to and I know that Iím not just feeling lust
Itís raw emotion that you opened into my life
You stole away that crimson bladed knife
And stitched up my wounds that were still bleeding each day
Its funny cause with you I really can say that Iím okay
So take me away and wrap me into your arms
Youíve stolen my heart by just using your charms
Tomorrowís couldnít possibly any sooner but only tend drag on
And the hours forever slice into the silence and itís so wrong
I stair at my clock and hope for the time when well be together again
Its so funny how I canít wait for the day to begin
So excited to see you again cause you pushed away all my pain
You opened my eyes and made me forget about that one name
So never leave me or break away my heart
Cause Iíll never get over another heart break that will tear me apart
So never say those words called good-bye
Cause I never want to let you go or let this die

= = = = = = = = = =

It's a sunshine daisy's day! by Lylyanna Pilewski

No emotions
Blank stare
I'm thinking something was unfair
But I really can't recall
Funny but I think I'll take a fall
I yearn for that sense of it
Deep down in my stomache pit
Eye lids heavy now
Wonder what happend I wonder how
Beatles on the radio
Funny how sunshine hits you ya know?
Cause here comes the sun
And I think it's ganna be ok.

= = = = = = = = = =

The Colb Imb By Nobe by Gareth Lancaster

I boke up dis borning bith a colb imb by nobe,
It's really quibe horib when i gib ib a blow!
All gunky anb green and my nobe hab gone reb,
Mum saib I should jub stay tucked ub in by bed!

I'm mibbing my lebbons bub thab's nob too bad,
As skibbing school makes be habby anb glad!
My heab frobbing all day ib a small price to pay,
For lying here resting anb habing by way!

= = = = = = = = = =

I'm Practically Perfect by Kenn Nesbitt

I'm practically perfect in every respect.
I haven't a flaw you could ever detect.
As soon as you know me I'm sure you'll agree
there's no one around who's as perfect as me.

I'm handsome and rich, with a generous heart.
I'm funny, and charming, and totally smart.
At school, in my classes, I only get A's.
I'm also athletic in so many ways.

My clothes are expensive. My hair is just right.
My teeth are all straight, and they're shiny and white.
I'm practically perfect. I'm sure you could tell.
And, oh, did I mention? I'm humble as well.




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