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Our database of over 500 short poems - possibly the funniest five hundred short poems on the internet

Short Poem Collection - 11


Ode to my Immortal by Antonia Anthony

I sometimes think of you in my solitude
In the empty moments that I keep for myself
I think of the emptiness that I feel
The sadness that I long to leave behind
You didnít even try, or maybe you tried too much
You certainly doubted too much
I miss our ways
It always strikes me as funny
That now looking back every grey now looks green
And every green now looks white
You hurt me flicked me away like an invisible speck
Cast me aside like an unwanted toy
Thatís what I am to you isnít it?
I bet your happier now
I hear you smile a lot more now
Please accept that I am happy for you
Funny, I never felt like this till you were gone
Iíll be devastated if you didnít miss me
Do you ever think of me?
This is not what you think.

= = = = = = = = = =

Ole' Blackeye by Gareth Lancaster

Ole' Blackeye was a pirate,
But he wasn't very good.
He wore patches over both eyes,
And a parrot on his foot!

His rotten ship and fraying flag,
Had seen much better days.
And his crew had all but left him,
'Cause they were not getting paid!

Ole' Blackeye couldn't read a map,
Or sail a route by star.
So he floated round in circles,
For near to not too far!

His wooden leg was broken,
And his beard a tangled mess.
The only help he had these days,
Was a scruffy dog called Jess.

Ole' Blackeye was a pirate,
And he knew at that he stunk.
So he packed it in and sold his boat,
Before he'd gotten sunk!

= = = = = = = = = =

The Difference In Me by Heather Shirts

I like Cars, Climbing trees and sports
You like dresses, dolls and make up
I think dolls are kinda funny
You thinks trucks are kinda dumpy
I am funny you are pretty
You look at me like i am a dummy
I don't dress all that dainty
I like things you think are crazy
But i am not all that creepy
I want love and comfort too.
I just don't want to be like you
I am happy being me
If you don't like it climb a tree
You like boys and being dittzy
I like girls and being messy
I am a dike and you are a sissy
But things are not always as they seem
I don't like to be called names
so you see we are the same

= = = = = = = = = =

Are u crazy? by Ang Pei Ling Pei Ling

its funny if u wanted to show,
its funny if u are going to school,
but don't be nervous in it
or else friends will call u crazy! ! ! !




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