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Our database of over 500 short poems - possibly the funniest five hundred short poems on the internet

Short Silly Poem Database - 21


Ain't It Funny by Marcquiese Burrell

It was too early for a romance
And already I've received the criticism of the tongue
Not knowing of the true nature of our relationship
Intead it is based on assumption that we're an item
Friends, say that I am no good
And that you're wasting time with me
It'll never amount to what you desire
But that's not how I see things
Because I feel that your just a friend
And nothing else beyond that
People always talk about false information
Should I care what was said? Ain't it funny
Friends whisper unnessary things in your ear
Should I care what was shared? Ain't it funny
You seem somewhat affected, Don't let it get under your skin
You know of our history
Friends always seem to mention
the bad things that I do
When It's none of their business
Ain't it Funny

= = = = = = = = = =

Funny thing life by Sandra van Coppenhagen

funny thing life
one day you're dying
the next you're flying
she left you for your friend
the one she didn't want
she chose you
but now she is with her
strange isn't it?
how things can change
your mascara runs over your dry cheeks
but there's some one else
that dries the tears you never shed
he takes away the heartache you do not feel
soothes the sadness that isn't there
he's he light in the darkness that wasn't there
you were never caged yet he set you free
strange isn't it?
you're happy
but it is your own
it makes it sweeter in a way
he can have more of you now
there's more to give
strange isn't it?
one day you're dying
the next you're flying
funny thing life....

= = = = = = = = = =

Just thoughts. by Charles M. Moore

Maybe I'm a cynic
but I don't believe it's true
Japan kills whales for scientific purposes
not food
that farting isn't funny
and nudity is rude
Hitler was misunderstood
and bankers work for you

You won't have to pay by volume
for the air you have to breathe
the government aren't planning now
to tax you for the trees
fresh waters a commodity
Elvis has come back
and world war in Africa
isn't somewhere down the track.

= = = = = = = = = =

Yawning by Gareth Lancaster

When I yawn I feel so strange
With little prickles in my brain.
My eyes begin to slowly weep
It makes me really want to sleep.
And then my mouth opens large
Wide enough to fit a barge.
And once I'm done I feel refreshed
Unless at night when I need rest.




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