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Our database of over 500 short poems - possibly the funniest five hundred short poems on the internet

Short Poem Collection - 22


FUNNY IT IS! by Subbaraman N V

Man is the creation of God
Machine is the creation of man
Man can be the master of machine
Funny it is he becomes its slave!

Man commands machine obeys
Machine demands man obeys
Man percieves machine performs
Funny it is he rarely transforms!

Man has his stress and strains
Machine has its stress and strain
Animal has its stress and strain
Funny it is man alone despairs!

Man thinks faster acts slow
Machine thinks not but acts fast
Man to control and machine to be controlled
Funny it is he feels weaker than the controlled!

= = = = = = = = = =

Practicing Scaring by Gareth Lancaster

His growl just didn't sound right,
I really was perplexed.
Why monsters feel they need to,
Grunt and strain and stress!

They should just try relaxing,
And let their feelings show.
But this monster felt he had to,
Huff and puff and blow!

I showed him how to breathe,
And to focus on his task.
To make his scare more natural,
'Should I growl?' the monster asked.

I told him that he shouldn't,
As that would turn out wrong.
So he prowled around the kitchen,
And he practised hard and long.

But he never really got it,
So he sat and watched cartoons.
And now he entertains us,
With cats made from balloons!

= = = = = = = = = =

Davetheleg by David Darbyshire

I never went to school,
I havn't read many books.
I don't try to be cool,
get lots of funny looks.

I love to write poetry,
but my grammer ain't so good.
I try to write with humor,
I think everybody should.

So I take pen to paper,
or fingers to the keys.
And write something funny,
for everyone to please.

Seldom, it comes out good,
most times it's really bad.
I never give up, and
by no way, am I ever sad.

Please read and enjoy,
every poem I deploy.
I am sure I will raise a smile,
as big as my poems in a pile.

= = = = = = = = = =

A Shih Tzu by Francis Duggan

It does seem to me a funny story though I cannot say if it is true
The one who told me not lacking in humor and that is to give him his due
'Tis one of those zoo sort of stories of how a man and his wife and their young son and daughter one sunday
Went to a small zoo in the suburbs from their home some five kilometres away
A warm afternoon in prime of Summer with only the slightest of breeze
The nesting songbirds chirped and whistled on the Parkland bushes and trees
The children they laughed in excitement a happy young girl and boy
Their zoo visit would be a highlight zoo visits most children enjoy
But the small zoo was a disappointment without birds and only one small dog there
A mangy dog who could do with brushing to remove the burs from his long hair
The father and mother of the children complained to the owner what sort of zoo is this supposed to be
We really think this is not funny since one mangy dog is all we can see
You certainly are not a zoo owner and this place it is not a zoo
But the owner he did seem offended saying read the sign on the gate a Shih Tzu.




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