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Our database of over 500 short poems - possibly the funniest five hundred short poems on the internet

Best Short Poems Collection - 12


Finally it happened by Lylyanna Pilewski

Funny thing happened to me the other day
And it was funny cause when it happened I knew not what to say
I got to talk to you
Actually on the phone
It was coincidence you happened to be at home.
She called you up to see if you were there
She gave me the phone
Thought I’d die
So I took it from her with an exasperated sigh
She said Just say hi.”
I take a deep hold the phone to me ear
And I hope you like what you hear
I say hello
And you say it back
Too bad an interesting thing I had not to say back
You asked to make sure it was really me
And I said yes
So you say to me hi this you this is me
And to him I say hi you this is me
And I laugh and say there it has been done
We’ve been actually introduced wasn’t that fun?
She laughs and I laugh back
Then we continue our odd little chat
And all that I can say it that it’s about time
And I hope one day that you’ll be mine.

= = = = = = = = = =

Not Funny by Mariana Zita

It's not funny when
you laugh and call
me names

I don't smile when
you push me down
and laugh

I don't find it very funny
when you dis me and
say it was just a joke

I'm not the one who laughs
when you call my name but
turn away

Your jokes are not funny
and never will be so stop
saying them

= = = = = = = = = =

The Thingy by Gareth Lancaster

There's a thingy that hides in my bag,
No one knows it is there but my dad.
He tells it to smile
At least for a while.
So I don't get cross and mad.

It really is quite an odd fellow,
Its feet are all smelly and yellow.
And deep there inside,
To my shock and surprise,
It waits till it's free and it bellows!

My dad says it's really my friend.
And it's in there just to help mend
My pencils and pens,
My ruler that bends
To not notice it I must pretend.

So the thingy just sits there and waits,
It tries to shout out to my mates.
But I cover it over
With my favourite pullover,
And it wriggles about which is great

But now it has learnt to behave
And all of my things it does save.
It even takes care
Of my brush filled with hair
And it's told me that its name is Dave.

= = = = = = = = = =

Lack of inspiration by Seema Aarella

I tried to write on the funny side
But what is fun I can’t decide,
Why ‘funny’ is such a fun?
A loosely hatched pun.
On a second thought
What less wit I have got.
Then I wrote a line with love
And a line of loathe
But who is so bad or good?
I am a breeder of both.
I rekindle my dexterity
And employ my tenacity
To create something new
But I ended spilling them askew.
What new shall I write?
Every word and idea is trite
Until I am inspired again
All my scribbling ends in vain.




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