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Our database of over 500 short poems - possibly the funniest five hundred short poems on the internet

Short Poem Collection - 16


My Beach Fortress by Gareth Lancaster

I'm on the beach, I've come prepared.
I've looked around and I've compared.
The competition's not too hot,
And I've just found the perfect spot!

Now I unpack my bulging bag,
Of buckets, spades and cross-bones flag.
My plan I lay out on the sand,
So I can build my castle grand!

A bucket here, a bucket there,
A dug out trench that's nice and square.
A turret left, a turret right,
My castle of colossal height!

For hours and hours I fill and place,
More buckets to enlarge the base.
My castle's strong, my castle's tall,
Protected by its sandy wall!

The flag's the last thing to go on,
My work complete, my castle done.
A scary fortress in the sand,
This beach is under my command!

I'm captivated by the sight,
My castle just exudes its might.
Protected from both small and tall,
But what is this? brother's ball!

A darkened peril in the sky,
And in slow motion it does fly!
It's getting close, it's falling near,
My mouth drops wide, I dare not peer!

It's going to hit, oh no oh no,
My castle crumbles in one blow!
Strong to all attacks I know,
But brothers are the meanest foe!

= = = = = = = = = =

Just One Of Those days by Arsiema Berhane

I'm so tired I dunno why..
I feel like I been working like a dog.
It's funny cus I haven't done
anything the whole day,
but sit lazily on this chair.
Its the weather, there's so much pressure
Its draggin me around
I really hate it.
September and April are the worst months of the year
transition months
I wish i could sleep those two months,
you know, writing a notice that goes like,
'wake me up when October comes' and
sleep all the way through September.
The same goes for April, but change the October to May.
The internet connection is awfully lazy today.
Maybe it is the weather again.
It's not worth downloading anything during the day
Funny how the weather is ruining everything.
I feel like doing something else
besides sitting on the computer
and writing this.
The weather is again to blame.

= = = = = = = = = =

Abbot & Costello...Al Gore & George Bush by Stanley Cooper

Whoís on first, Whatís on second
An Abbot and Costello skit
Costello never had it reckoned
He was fully confused by it

In the same mess were Bush and Gore
For them a similar confusion
Who got through the White House door
Was chosen by the courtís perusion

Costello and Abbot, commedians great
Could never be this funny
They didnít have the Florida State
Funnier then sunny

With their minimal dimension
Theyíve allowed us all to see
All four have called attention
To their great absurdity

= = = = = = = = = =

Evaluating Time by Theresa Moore

Isnít it funny how time flies when you are captivated
By something that you find extremely interesting...
Your mind is invigorated as your spirit is elevated
Whereas, tedious events slow time and induce aging




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