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Our database of over 500 short poems - possibly the funniest five hundred short poems on the internet

Short Silly Poem Database - 10


The One That Got Away by Denies L. Caskey

Are the fish biting today?
I guess we will see.
The sun is just rising.
Is it meant to be?

With my pole in my hand,
I head for the shore.
I don't need a tackle box,
Just worms, nothing more.
I find a nice rock,
'Ah, this one will do.'
It's just the right size.
I kick off my shoes.

The worms are a wriggling,
The water is just right.
I cast out my line
And get ready to fight.
I sit and wait patiently.
The sun is so warm.
I should get a bite.
Uh - Oh. here comes a storm.

I reel in my line
And head up the hill,
Then pray to the Gods
One wish to fulfill.
Let it be quick.
Don't stay here too long.
I want to go fishing.
This storm should be gone.

A few cracks of thunder
And some lightning, too,
Some big drops of rain
To make everything new.
Then like two young lovers
The clouds they did part
I grabbed all my gear
And playing it smart,
I put on my jacket
And a nice wide brimmed hat
Then on my rock by the shore
I once again sat.

I donned a new worm
And cast out my line.
It was still kinda sprinklin'
But that was just fine.

With a zing and a whir
My pole came alive.
A fish I had caught
And, oh, he had drive.
He swam and he swam,
But I wouldn't give up.
I would land this fish
And have him for sup.

Then like a gunshot
My line it did break.
My heart turned to mush
Right there on the lake.
The one that got away?
Him, I'll never forget.
For maybe next time,
I'll remember my net.

= = = = = = = = = =

Funny Feeling by Sarah Ann Walker

I get a funny feeling,
It comes from deep inside,
I get all mad and angery,
Wanting to go and hide.

Some say I'm pshco,
Some say I'm weird,
Its like Im a diffrent person,
And the old me just disapeared.

= = = = = = = = = =

Funny, Isn't It by Jodie Cameron

It's a funny thing,
this life that we live.

Before one can receive,
one must give.

It's a funny thing,
how people stall.

one hundred will grow,
one hundred million will fall.

It's a funny thing,
how people will lie.

Causing broken hearts,
causing those to die.

It's a funny thing,
these times we share.

All the love that we find,
all voices with care.

It's a funny thing,
laughing with each other.

While some other day,
we laugh viciously at another.

It's a funny thing,
how we are so fragile.

We separate each other,
into a neat little pile.

It's a funny thing,
how life works.

Filled with kind hearts,
and too many jerks.

It's a funny thing,
all have a different view.

People who love everyone,
hard to say there's are a few.

It's a funny thing,
how faces hardly shine.

People are so edgy,
hard to say where's the line.

It's a funny thing,
this life we live.

Before one can receive,
one must give...

funny, isn't it?

= = = = = = = = = =

Heysel by Ewan Paterson

You could smell the piss stained bodies off the telly.

Wogan and Brucie sipped lager
seconds before handing over.
Forsythe told Terry to be a proper fan
and drink from the can.

Bad timing from the funny man.

Then apologies for the delay to the game.
The commentator then explained
all the shit going down.

The violence was beamed back live.

You saw a brick bouncing off
a retreating man's head
and felt his pain as he was
punched and kicked.

The police wading into anyone
with their sticks

and then the game after this.
Two sets of cripples who've
lost the will to live
limping through the longest
ninety minutes of their lives.

My mother crowing
You don't think it's funny now.'




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