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Our database of over 500 short poems - possibly the funniest five hundred short poems on the internet

Short Funny Poetry Collection - 8


Its Funny… by MeganOlivia Maxwell

Its Funny...
When im happy I have a bad day

Its Funnny,
That when I wish it was hot it snowed

Its Funny,
That when the world is finally at peace War begins

Its Funny,
When I fancy Chicken my mum cooks pork

Its Funny,
When I get a new phone It breaks

Its Funny,
When I tell my friend a secret and politely ask her not to tell a soul but she does anyway

Its Funny,
When my mate does something wrong I get in trouble

Its Funny,
I want to watch a movie on T.V but theres a powercut from start to finish

Its Funny,
When I ask for a cat for my birthday, I get a fish

Its Funny,
When I say I love you
You reply....I love you too and I always will

= = = = = = = = = =

Growing by Lacy Greear Kobilis

We start out not knowing
then we begin to learn
we start out not loving
then quickly feel the burn
we start out happy
and end up sad
we start out scared
then end up mad
it's funny how
the more we learn
the sadder we become
it's funny how we walk to love
then turn around and run
If we didn't have
the knowledge today
that we didn't have
there would be so many
smiling faces;
and we wouldn't walk around afraid
always searching for hiding places.............

= = = = = = = = = =

U just dont get it by Melinda Mackey

u just dont get it.
its not all about you

but you dont under stand all the stress u put me threw.
and isn't it funny how the one who said they'd neva hurt you......
ends up hurtin u the most.

how they just leave your love stranded,
instead of holdin it to them close.

u just dont get it.
we are supposed to be in this relationship together.
you know like when u said it was me and u.........

and isnt it funny how.....
it's not funny at all?

and how every one tells u to hold your head up high.
but sum how it begains to fall.

u just dont get it. u never did.
and i dont think you ever will.

u dont seem to care.
while im stuck with all the shed n tears.

and it's so messed up how my love,
for u is so deep that, i keep takin you back.

thinkin that you'd never hurt me again.
then u turn around and do just that.

u just dont get it.

= = = = = = = = = =

Some Thoughts by Kiran Raza

It's funny how you can say I love you a thousand times
But you can never say I hate you once

It's funny how you cry out these tears
And you still love them no matter what happens

It's funny how hard it is to get a heart
But how easily you can lose it

It's funny how three words can make you feel like you have everything
and the next minute it turns out to be a lie and you have nothing

I just think it's funny how love can take you in many different directions
be careful.
you never know where you're going to end up




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