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Our database of over 500 short poems - possibly the funniest five hundred short poems on the internet

Best Short Poems Collection - 15


To Be A Mouse by Gareth Lancaster

If I were a mouse
And could run around the house
There are plenty of things I'd like to do
Like run under chairs
And try to climb the stairs
And scare my mum a little too

I could fit in the cracks
That lead behind the bath
And see what insects were down there
I could go high and low
Go where only mouses go
And wander around without a care

I could eat all the cheese
Without ever saying please
And watch what other people do
From my place down there
And with my agile mouse-like flair
I could scamper up, around and through

But then there's the cat
Who would think I was a rat
And I wouldn't want to get caught in his teeth
So I'd make myself small
Wrapped up in a tiny ball
And roll myself under his feet

If I were a mouse
I would never leave the house
There'd be lots of new things to do and see
But I wouldn't go outside
No, especially not at night
So I think a person's what I'll be

= = = = = = = = = =

Elvis Costello Records by Kevin Campbell

Ive been playing Elvis Costello records
Sitting in the dark I cry
I guess its the way Im feeling
Since you told me your loves died

You never gave no reason
Never said why
I guess its how your feeling
Since you told me your loves died

All I see are smiling faces
Then I hear your name
And its like the whole worlds sinning
Elvis Costello once again

Right now as I listen to ' My Funny Valentine'
You know whats kind of funny
The way sad songs never lie
And I guessthats the reason
I play his records and I cry

= = = = = = = = = =

Imagination by Bob Blackwell

Tastes the oceans salty brine.
Hears a dandelion tell the time.
Feels happy, sad, funny, kind.
Spots Alice’s fall to wonderland.

Observes a mouse run up a clock,
A small frog turns into a prince,
the genie of Aladdin’s lamp,
and the moon is made of cheese

Creates fantasies, makes us bold.
New works to enrich our world.
Saddens, gladdens and maddens,
Makes us poor, with many riches.

Overcomes life’s many difficulties,
Sees the funny side of things,
Hears angels, heavenly voices,
Makes come true our dreams.

Imagination gives verve to life,
Without it our mind is dead,
our life would be difficult, and
sounds of laughter seldom heard.

Our problems will remain unsolved,
Our difficulties, worries multiply,
All changes will make things worse,
Our life will become very dreary.

= = = = = = = = = =

The Possibilities of Ice by Mystykka Mysterious

One day at school
I decided to put a pool
Of ice water over Mrs. Stuart's desk
When she sat down in the chair
The bucket turned in the air
And boy I swear what a mess

She stood up to shout
The person responsible will be out
Of school for a couple of days
It was funny to see
The stunned looks of glee
But not as funny as that teacher's face

Although I got out
Because of that teacher's shout
Mr. Owen said to me
Nice work young one
But the trouble's only begun
Because when you come back there'll be
Mrs. Stuart with a bucket of ice
And a room full of unsanitary mice

So Mrs. Stuart
I'm as sorry as I could possibly be
But you should have sen the look on your face
The day that you yelled at me.




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