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Our database of over 500 short poems - possibly the funniest five hundred short poems on the internet

Short Poem Collection - 2


I got punk'd by Vernazera Lumba

When u r around it could be fun
It's just so funny when you would run
I'm making this poem not to be mean
Its just my view of how u r being seen

On long car drives with may and jon
I hav to admit u talk a ton
Well I know ur just showing ur mood
But sometimes I feel lik shoving ur throat w/ food

Ur a great guy
May b not a total hunk
But from just seeing ur appearance
I got punkd

= = = = = = = = = =

Help Me by Brian Aji

Help me, Help me
Just help me now!
Wow, I'm confused!
Darn right, Wow!
Something inside me,
Some funny thing inside me,
Some tingly and funny and strange thing inside me,
That one thing inside me is telling me how,
It tells me how I feel, in some subtle way,
But only the inside knows for the outside is clueless
The outside doesn't know how to say,
For how could you know HOW to say,
If you don't know WHAT to say,
So I ask you please give me your help,
Give me your help, Give me your aid,
I don't what's causing this feeling,
I don't know what the heck is peeling,
Peeling my mind, Each and every day.
Help me please,
Help me in some way.

= = = = = = = = = =

Same ol Joke by Daryl Hennix

I've fallen for it again
fallen for the same old joke
it's never told any
differently just new faces telling
me the same joke

You would think one
would grow weary of
The same setup
The same punchline
but it gets me every time

I just can't help but
indulge in a fair faced
beauty seductive humorisms
so I clutch my sides
and hand over my heart

I've fallen in love
with my new comedian
just as I have with
the past funny women
that fate as intertwined
my path with

I've fallen in love
With the idea of
Someone loving one
of the fallen
But all I learned
was what a
Joke Love Is.

= = = = = = = = = =

Tears by Aubrey Mcclure

I come with fear
I come with joy
I come with laughter and sadness.
Im a tidal wave of feelings
Often wiped aside.
You see me in the mirror
When you seem to have the blues.
You see me after a funny joke
When your stomach twists with happiness
I come with all the good points
And bad points in your life.
Sometimes you love me
Sometimes you loathe me
But Im here just the same.




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