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Our database of over 500 short poems - possibly the funniest five hundred short poems on the internet

Short Funny Poetry Collection - 24


My Dog is Now a Cow by Suzanne Sheppard-Joiner

I suspect it is as hard as can be
To find a dog without any fleas.
The Vet gave me a pill, for my dog to take....
When I showed it to him he jumped in the lake...
He finally came home about supper time.
Well, then I told him he was no friend of mine...
I told him the next day, to the vet we would go..
When that time came I drove real slow..
I drove up close, right next to the door....
I opened the car door, but could see him no more...
He broke his leash, and ran away...
I haven't seen him for days and days.
I got a call from a neighbor of mine.
For on his rug my dog had dined.
Boy, oh, boy was I ever mad.
He knew right then I was truly sad.
One hundred dollards was the cost of the rug...
Right then I thought Why couldn't I had a pet bug ?
I worked real hard both day and night
To pay for a rug that wasn't in sight.
Let's get back to my dog right now....
The good news, I traded him for a big fat cow.....

= = = = = = = = = =

Wrongg by zana ggG

there's something inside me
that is attracted by you
i want you
even know i don't want to

i wish i never asked you that
cause thats when i saw what i was looking for
i thought you'll be just another friend
but now it turns out you're something more

i thought having things in common was good
cause different sides attract each other
but then again something went wrong
you took the place that couldn't take another

i try to ignore the clock when we talk
i try to ignore you
i try to ignore all funny things you say
i just cant make it through

i wish my heart knew
that this wont take too long
i wish ill get over you
cause the other ways are wrongg

= = = = = = = = = =

The Ginglewhap & The Thomble by Gareth Lancaster

Today I saw a Ginglewhap,
And wondered why, oh why,
Do Ginglewhaps run all about,
Whilst Thombles only sigh?

I thought they'd do things just the same,
As they look so much alike.
But you don't see Thombles run at all,
(They prefer to ride their bikes!)

I asked them to explain to me,
Why they behave so different.
But I couldn't grab the Ginglewhap,
And the Thomble shrugged, indifferent!

So I'm really none the wizer,
Why they don't just act the same.
And I suppose they'll never tell me,
But it's fun to watch their games.

= = = = = = = = = =

A Dream by Christina Conseco

A dream

Of me and the guy that
I think i'm falling in love with

He's funny
Smart, sweet,

A dream where everything
Is like a fantasy

As soon as something good is about to happen....
I wake up


A dream




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