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Our database of over 500 short poems - possibly the funniest five hundred short poems on the internet

Short Silly Poem Database - 18


Something in my Welly by Gareth Lancaster

There's something thick and slimy,
It's down there in my welly.
It squidges and it sploshes,
And it's also rather smelly!

I should of checked it just before,
I plunged my foot straight in.
But I didn't; I feel stupid.
I'm not sure what I've stepped in!

And so I'm in a quandary,
I'm not sure I want to know,
What resides within my welly,
And is squishing 'tween my toes!

It feels so cold and squelchy,
Oh it's filling me with fear,
Of all the things that it could be,
And I'm too scared to peer!

It could be jam, it could be worse!
It could be mud or goo!
It could be almost anything,
Like week-old drool or glue!

Consumed with dread I peek inside,
Not ready for the shock!
And lurking deep within the dark?
Is a wet and stinky sock!

= = = = = = = = = =

Mixed Metaphors by Gershon Hepner

Fast and funny, smart and very nimble
is his mind, the poet thinks,
making what is complicated simple,
mixing metaphors like drinks,
until, becoming quite inebriated,
his speech begins to slur,
and, manic as a tom-cat that has mated,
his poems fail to purr,
and thoughts like literate lemming herds stampede
as fearlessly they dash
till, unrestrained by Microsoft, with speed
on pixeled screens they crash,
as slow as death and very sadly humbled,
like cats that have been fixed,
while, static as statistics, he has stumbled
in metaphors he's mixed.

Barbara Ehrenreich reviews 'Faster: The Acceleration of Just About Everything, ' by James Gleick ('Pantheon' in 'Think Quick' (NYT Book Review, September 12,1999) . She says the book is 'nimble, smart, often funny, and -best of all - fast.' She explains that Glueck says that 'we glom onto Diana or O. J. or John Jr. like a lemming herd in full stampede. Against all expectations, the collective brain that emerges from our ever-richer connectedness is turning out to be kind of dumb'.

= = = = = = = = = =

Piture this2 by Daviv Gerardino

this part is easy, this part
is hard.this part means the
end of us.
this part is funny, this part
sad, this part you leave
and never come back.
and the world keeps on
spinning, and the sun keeps
on burning, and the fat ladys
singing, move on, move on.
this part your packing, this
part im begging, dont go, dont..

= = = = = = = = = =

Eyes by Jeanie Travell

Its funny how you can see everything through someones eyes
how much they hurt
how much each moment is slowly killing them

its funny how eyes show when someone is dying inside
before the breath their last breath
you'll know, its all in the eyes

Whos are these eyes im looking into?
Im looking at a mirror, they are mine




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