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Our database of over 500 short poems - possibly the funniest five hundred short poems on the internet

Short easy to read poetry - 1


Its Funny by Megan Bullington

Itís funny how you break me down
And yet Iím still there waiting
How you yell and scream
And Iím still there trying.
Its funny how you get away
With the crap you do.

Well Iím not laughing
Because itís just
Sad that you manipulate
Me the way you do.
Make me feel guilty
When I try to express myself!

Itís funny how you have
So much control over MY world,
And how push my buttons and
I refrain from do anything at all.
Its funny how play your cards,
Thinking Iíd never leave.

Well no ones laughing anymore
Everyone can now see
You will no longer have control
Over me! No longer be the cause
Of my tears, no longer tell me what to do.

Itís funny, the way youíre
Looking at me all pathetic,
Itís funny the way I tipped the
Tables. Yes Iím laughing now,
I can finally fly and have no worries.

Your reign is done, the moments
Are gone, I think its funny that now
Youíll suffer what I have for many months.

= = = = = = = = = =

I Wrote an Awful Poem by Kenn Nesbitt

I wrote an awful poem;
it was bad in the extreme.
I showed it to my sister
and it made my sister scream.

I gave it to my mother
and she promptly flipped her lid.
My father blew a gasket,
and my baby brother hid.

I brought my poem with me
when I came to school today.
My teacher nearly fainted
and my friends all ran away.

I never knew a poem could be
such amazing fun,
but that was such a blast,
I think I'll write another one.

= = = = = = = = = =

Isn't it Funny? by Jamie Heatherton

Isn't it Funny?

Isn't it funny, no one seems to care
I could count to twenty and still I wait to share

Isn't it strange, you just had to go
I arrange it in my mind and I still don't know

Will you come back, what is that you say
Just keep to myself and wait day after day

Isn't life funny, is life really fair?
My lonely heart is broken and does care

= = = = = = = = = =

The Call of a confusion kind by Lylyanna Pilewski

Out of the blue you give me a call
If only you could've felt my heart fall
Why did it have to be
When finally I stopped thinking every call was from you to me
So thrown I was when it was your voice speaking my name
I thought it was a joke, a cruel invention, my mind's sick game
You left such a message on my phone
That I could not bade it leave me alone
You said it was you and in a while we've not spoke
And my stomache gave that funny feeling and at my heart it did poke
Then you said of people who said I'd wanted to talk
God my heart stopped in shock for it as if to my mind your words unlocked
You told me of how close you lived now to my home
Oh how those wishful thoughts would not leave me alone
Then you said something that only in my dreams be
You said maybe we could hang out, me and you, just you and me
And then all my mind drifted back to a time where happy were we
Oh that feeling could not be ignored
As I thought of that beautiful kiss of yours
Then there were your final words of all
You said goodbye and to give me a call
Oh how my desiers and my mind argued as they spoke
Then again in my stomache the funny feeling that at my heart did poke.




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