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Our database of over 500 short poems - possibly the funniest five hundred short poems on the internet

Short Silly Poem Database - 5


Fooling The Boys by Vallerie Lobell

Shhh, the boys think I'm in the tub,
Here I am again, doing what I love,
If they catch me they gonna fuss,
Momo spend some time with us,

Hehe....they didn't used have time for me,
The tables DO turn you see,
Before I stumbled onto this site,
I was alone most every night,

Now they notice Mama missing,
Who's butt now may need kissing?
I have to sneak to lose them now,
Serves em right anyhow,

Its funny to me NOW they know,
How they really need to show,
That they want my time and company,
Things will be better than they used to be,

They always had my full attention,
Tried to get theirs more times than I care to mention,
It's funny this is called a site,
It opened up eyes that were shut tight,

So after the homework, supper and baths,
We'll watch cartoons, have some laughs,
And be the way we should have been,
Before this site, way back when,

And as soon as I have them all tucked in,
I'll be back on, say o around 10,
And I will have the best of both worlds,
Ain't it funny how life unfurls?

= = = = = = = = = =

People know me not by Jeannie Schmidt

People think they know me, little do they see
All the parts I hide so well, which is the real me
They believe that I am happy, funny and alive
Little do they know, I feel like dieing inside
I know everybodys stories, of everything in their lives
They never take the time to ask me about mine
Friends they say; is what we are
How come your friends, you keep so far.
No one really knows me, funny as that may be
I guess I am very good at hiding certain parts of me.
Listening to everyones stories, trying to make them see
Life isn't always so bad, some have it worse you see
I never really tell people about my life
I walk around endlessly in solitude and dark
People never know the hell that I have been through
I keep a tight grip on that part

I know it is that I don't trust not one soul in this world
I learned a long time ago, the only one you trust is you

= = = = = = = = = =

Laughed My Way Through Traffic… by Margaret Alice

As we got stuck in traffic Nici presented Achmed
the terrorizing terrorist, I laughed my way through
traffic moving at snails’ pace; marvelous technology
that allows us to watch funny shows on cellphones
while moving through traffic stuck in roadworks…

Just as I reread, laughing all the way, the funny scenes
where Agnes Nitt, the big witch-to-be from Lancre, deals
with Christine, the little would-be-soprano of Ankh-Mor-
pork Opera House in Maskerade*; Christine has to sing
Iodine in La Triviata; Agnes does the singing

While beautiful, but dumb Christine presents her super-
thin body, crowned with her empty head, half-crazed
through starvation; for the crowd’s adulation…

* Terry Pratchett Maskerade”

= = = = = = = = = =

Mumbo Jumbo by Gareth Lancaster

Mumbo Jumbo is his name
He loves playing lots of games
And he really is my friend
So on him I can depend.

He's got two great big ears
And a trunk that really curves
So he can reach the trees
With such grace and ease.

But he doesn't go to school
As he's broken all the rules
He knocked down their big gates
And scared off all my mates.

He shocked my teacher white
Oh he gave her such a fright
When he sat down in a chair
She told the class 'Beware!'

But I like Mumbo Jumbo
And he really doesn't grumble
As he's happy to be here
And I'll always want him near.




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