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Our database of over 500 short poems - possibly the funniest five hundred short poems on the internet

Short easy to read poetry - 3


Now Here's Why by Shikha Gupta

One day, in a very uncomfortable moment,
He asked me why I didn't smile anymore.

The question tugged strangely at the air,
Beneath my eyelashes,
And that other funny place I don't talk much about.

I didn't think he'd notice anything funny
In the air
Or that other funny place I don't talk much about.

So I just hid my face
Behind a book,
Trying to read through blur,
Waiting for him to go.

And then I thought about when
He actually did go.
A very long time back,
For a very long time.
And how I'd cried then,
Not smart enough to hide behind a book.
And how I'd cried,
Cried my eyes out,
Cried till they fell right out off their sockets
And rolled right across the floor
And followed him all the way out
Till as far as they could see.

And then I cried thinking about how I'd cried then,
When he'd gone away,
And how all I wanted now was for him
To go away.

Between the sixty-three odd seconds
And ten years that had passed,
The air still strangely hummed
Because it had been tugged at so violently
By the claw of the question mark.

I guess he finally sensed it.

His knees creaked.
His sigh mixed with the air.
He left.

And then I cried because he'd left me
And I thought,
For a tough girl,
I'm not that tough.

= = = = = = = = = =

The funny little hats by Rhianon Cumner

why do popes wear funny little hats
litlle and round
not to mention funny
sure they serve a purpose
but what? ? ?

= = = = = = = = = =

Missing You by Myra Mone'a Robertson

I miss you mama
I really do
I miss your funny jokes and how you always stayed true
I wish you was here with me right now
I miss your laughter and your great smile
You was the onli one I could talk to
But now that your gone I dont know what to do
Now Im stuck here wit all this pain
Every since you left things haven't been the same
But that's fine, cause soon I will be with you
Looking back at everything we have been through
Even though you are gone and your not coming back
I want you to kno that I love you and that's a fact.

= = = = = = = = = =

My friends by Sam Bowen

Now this gal
Is quite a fun person
She laughs
And cries
But no matter what
She'll make you smile
She's my friend
For a number of reasons
And she will
From now on
Stay in my heart forever

Now this guy
Is quite a smart guy
He's nice
He's funny
And he is quite
Alot of fun
To hang out with
He is my friend
And will stay
In my heart from now on

Now this girl
Is quite wacky
She may scare you
At times
But she will
Always make you laugh
She is such
A happy person
And I'm glad
To have her as a friend
And she will be
From now till i die

Now this friend
I've known forever
He is quite funny
Although he can be
A bit vain at times
He's willing to
Listen to my problems
He's been there for me
My whole life
He's been my friend
Since birth
And will be till death

To be continued...




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